Rewinding 2017:
There’s Something For Every Team

Billing systems should enable business growth across teams. And that is possible, ​​when billing goes beyond simple invoicing and accomodates last-mile customer interactions. In other words, close the loop.

Find out about everything that was rolled out for different teams in 2017.


Billing challenges are usually hidden. Starting up, you will need to set up hosted pages, activate customers, send invoices, and collect payments on day one. But as you grow, you will need to handle billing complexities such as accounting and taxes, revenue recovery, localization, customization, reporting and much more.

Finance and Accounting

Subscription finance and accounting is under-appreciated in its complexity. As part of finance operations, you can maximize the outcomes of the recurring and non-recurring payments, recognize revenue, and redefine the scope of the data that you are seeking answers from.

Billing Operations

Evolving business needs demand evolving billing needs. You don’t want to be taken by surprise when these needs have a lot of unknowns. Scale demands that you handle billing complexities with respect to subscription flexibility, billing flows, invoicing, custom reporting, and much more. And you don’t want to keep involving your engineers for these.


We have said enough about our robust APIs and SDKs that rule the subscriptions, billing, and payments engines. And as much as we would love to talk about that some more, we have something even more exciting and fun for the developers!

How often do you bill your customers? How often do you email them and communicate with them? How often do you ship your product or service to your customer? How often?

Often, recurs. Often, is a function of time. For a subscription business, time is of essence.

So we built the Time Machine!

Use the Time Machine to understand if the following really work -
  • Configurable Billing Rules for customer-specific billing dates, or when billing dates are aligned differently against the subscription activation date
  • Subscriptions Scheduled for Actions, such as cancellation, activation, upgrades, or downgrades, happen on time
  • Proration Rules on subscription upgrades and downgrades or mid-term cancellations or activations with the right invoice, credit notes, and refunds
  • Dunning Management with timely payment retries, contextual retry emails, and correct invoice status, every time an attempt to charge a card fails

And as a developer, you can test…
  • If the right webhooks are fired
  • If the subscription lifecycle is simulated correctly across time using code
  • If your solution is able to handle subscription events via API

… all in one place!

Product Management

Fast launches, faster iterations, based on customer feedback. As a product manager, you will want to collaborate with different teams, and liaise with the right stakeholders at the right time, in the right manner, and make right decisions. So you can enable your product or service to stay ahead of competition, and ensure a fast track to growth.


When it comes to marketing to prospective and existing customers, you can build lasting relationships using your billing system. So, what does it take to do that? Apart from a great product experience, it’s about personalization, engagement, and incentivization.


As sales teams look to closing deals and convert opportunities into customers faster, the team also needs to have complete flexibility to handle everything from nurturing, to onboarding, to billing. Combine the power of sales and subscription billing to boost your sales team’s relationship with prospects and customers.

Customer Support/Success

Customer support and success teams are becoming the face of subscription businesses. It only makes sense to arm the custodians of support with necessary information about your customers, so they can address queries faster, and with much more context.

  • Be armed with instant Subscription and Customer information.
    Freshdesk integration
    Zendesk integration
    Customer Success Box integration
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