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Invoices. Renewals. Usage tracking. Card failures. Taxes. The List goes on. Repetitive tasks that drain your attention. Chargebee automates everything and lets you direct your attention toward your product.


Send exhaustive yet beautiful invoices

Rubber stamps. The dust jackets of old tax manuals. A calculator from a Japanese company. Once, all were sacred parts of an accountant’s toolkit. Most have been lost in the wreckage of time. Only few have survived. One of them is an invoice. A document that lives and dies on its ability to express with clarity. A document that helps your customers understand exactly what they’ve paid for. With Chargebee you can automate the timeless act of invoicing

Add detailed invoice notes, and P.O numbers. 
Send mobile responsive invoices. 
Track unpaid invoices.

Multiple tax

Here’s a quick riddle - percentage upon percentage upon percentage minus some percentage plus some percentage. What’s the final percentage? Sometimes, that’s how layered taxes can get based on different regions and types of products. But when customers receive your invoice, they must not have to embark on the task of solving such a riddle. Learn More

Handles different tax rates in the United States and Canada
Choose Exclusive/Inclusive tax rates
Use Credit Notes

Complete EU VAT compliance

Complying with existing EU VAT rules can get messy. As per the new rules, a business that sells digital goods and services, must charge VAT based on the customers’ location. For 28 member states. There are 28 different rates. Chargebee’s EU VAT system is a true-blue headache slayer, and frequents the anti-aspirin circuit as it:

Automatic EU VAT Rates
Send VAT compliant invoices
VAT Number Validation

Better the customer experience with automated lifecycle emails

Transactional emails work. They perform better than most marketing emails, on most email metrics. From the moment when customers sign up to all the important recurring and non-recurring events that’ll take place throughout their lifecycle, send customizable emails to direct them toward the next best action, or share a way for them to get more out of your product.

Save lost revenue with smart dunning

Card declines can affect your business in multiple ways. It isn’t just the revenue that gets lost, your relationships with customers are also at stake. But it isn’t the natural conclusion of a subscription. And it can be changed, if you pursue proactive dunning. With Chargebee you can:

Rely on smart retries to rescue the failed payments.
Save lost revenue with smart dunning

Lay rest assured with a simple proration mechanism

When customers decide to upgrade or downgrade in the middle of the billing cycle, they must be charged for the new plan, from that day onward. Built in proration lets you honor the decisions that customers make, no matter when they’re made. Chargebee does the math to ensure that you can charge for the exact value they draw from your product.

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