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2021: A Year in Review With Chargebee

Everything you need to power through your 2022 ambitions: Strategies, stories, and a round-up of major feature releases from 2021.

What is Payment Reconciliation? Best Practices & Automation

Payment Reconciliation – Process, Best Practises & How to Automate it? Well, somewhere, a finance team is experiencing issues with their reconciliation right now. Whether that be discovering manual errors or realizing that something is missing because of a time zone difference, it is never a dull moment when it comes to reconciliation, especially if …

What is Account Reconciliation?

What is Account Reconciliation? Account reconciliation is an essential part of accounting, and it’s something that everyone in the financial team has to deal with – from the controller to the accountants.  Reconciliation is simple: it’s the process that compares internal financial statements against external statements from a bank or other financial institution, making sure …

Figuring out the Future Financial Stack Trends for High Performing Teams: Insights from David Appel

How can you read the tea leaves and see into your company’s financial future, especially when it comes to the rise of subscriptions? As David Appel, the Head of Subscriptions & SaaS Vertical at Sage Intaact, cloud-based financial management, and services company, said, the future macro trends are already playing out in today’s market.  “You’re …