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Next-Gen Startups, We’re Pledging $5B of Processing Just for You

As a part of Pledge for Startups, we have doubled the revenue processing limit from $50K to $100K in our Launch Plan! The Launch Plan makes Chargebee completely free for early-stage startups till they hit their first $100K in revenue.

A Deep Dive Into Value Based Pricing

A common thread connecting all great companies is the presence of a loyal customer base. Additionally, these companies also share the feats of massive profits and hyper-growth – and one of the factors for their success is value based pricing.

10 Customer Retention Strategies to Up Your Retention Game

The first challenge for any company is to get customers to believe in them and take the first step to subscribe to their product. Once you have a solid customer base, then starts the next challenge — customer retention. Customer retention is the scale on which your customers’ value for your products and services is …

Thinking Inside a Box E01: How to Start a Subscription Box Business

Close your eyes and think about the things you like. What’s the first thing that came to your mind? Whatever it is, the chances are that there’s a subscription box for it. Love ice creams? There’s a subscription box exclusively for ice creams. Gardening enthusiast? Boom, a gardening kit subscription box. I could keep going, …