5 Important Components of a Welcome Email

Email is the main engagement engine for most SaaS and Cloud providers. According to a report by Monetate, email drives higher conversions than search and social media. Interaction with customers starts with the welcome email. You have to spark interest and lead the user to your app.

Here are five important email components that any SaaS provider should have to kickoff the customer onboarding process

A Single and Clear CTA

Your welcome email should have one Call to Action (CTA) to get the prospective customer try the app immediately. Give the user a summary of the basics of your app and include a CTA button. Your goal is to make prospects convert and you don’t want to miss this chance in the welcome email. Don’t be overly clever with the CTA. Simplicity converts better if you have all the basics right.

The single CTA should lead your prospects directly to your app, which should guide them on how to sign up and get started. For SaaS and Cloud providers, the app should sell itself. If you have a PDF guide, it should be available in your help forums and the welcome email.

Build your URL and redirect structure in such a way that it can be linked directly to your app and redirect users to login or register. After login, users should be taken to the required page. Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to get started with your app.

Also it is smart to use an app like TourMyApp, to walk through your users the important features they should explore.

Personalize the Email

Personalize the email by using the prospect’s name in the recipient’s field. Personalization is always a good thing as prospects feel there is a real person behind the email. Personalize the sender’s email too.

Use a real person’s email that is regularly checked. You want your customers to contact you from the onset of their engagement with your app. When signing off, put a person’s name rather than “Customer Support”. Using your founder’s name is better than just using any name.

Encourage users to send you an email. Engagement is the foundation of conversions and the earlier you start engaging with users, the better. Ask them when you can schedule a call, whether they can attend a webinar or whether they prefer another type of contact that will help them with your app.

Indicate Benefits in the Body Copy

Check the length of your copy; it shouldn’t be too long nor too short. Apart from thanking the prospect for signing up, the body copy should indicate the benefits of your solution. You don’t have to go to all the details here. Highlight the major benefits and link to your site for more information.

Keep in mind the type of customers you are targeting and use language that is familiar to them. For instance, the word “upgrade” may be too developer-centric if your target users are work-at-home mums. It is also important to add social proof in the body. For instance, it there are well-known companies using your app, let the prospects know. This helps to build trust and can improve conversion.

Provide helpful links about your app in the email. These links should be put in the middle or bottom of the email and grouped together. Some of the links you might want to indicate include helpful videos, tutorials, etc.

Don’t leave your customers to go through the learning process on their own. Proving helpful links helps to improve conversions and reduces support queries.