How to configure ChargeBee to send out email notifications?

| Last Updated: December 30, 2016 |

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Ever wondered what would happen if your credit card expired or the payment for a recurring subscription never went through and, you were never notified about it? And imagine if the subscription was for medication or baby food or food for your pet.

Sometimes we tend to dismiss the magnitude of impact that a simple timely notification can have on our lives.

Turning the table around. Looking at it from a business point of view:

So when do email notifications become a necessity?
Notifying the customer when the subscription has been:

  • Created
  • Started
  • Trial ending
  • Activated
  • Changed
  • Cancelling
  • Cancelled
  • Invoice receipt
  • Payment succeeded
  • Payment failed
  • Payment refunded
  • Card expiring
  • Card expired

The mails may be sent at different times of a customer life-cycle, when listed down sounds a little over-whelming to do this for all the customer each time an event occurs.

How do you automate this with ChargeBee?

Go to Settings > Email Notifications > Settings

Email notifications settings

Configure the ‘From Address’, the ‘Subject Prefix’, which could be the company name so that the customer have an idea who the email is from and easy for them to identity it. If you want your finance department do be notified when an invoice is generated then that can be configured under ‘Notify New Revenue to’.

The specific mails for specific events:

Email Notification Events

Mail sent when the subscription is created:
Turn the option ‘On’, and click on ‘Customize Template’.

You will find two options: You can either customize the mail in plain text or customize the HTML version of it.

For Plain Text:
Fill out the ‘From’ Name and Address. Next the ‘Subject’.

From and Subject

The body of the mail can be completely customized.

1. Mail Templates.

Mail templates

There are basic mail templates that make customization easier, and these are available for all the available events that trigger mails.

2. Mail Merge Fields:
When personalized mass mails have to be sent out, merge fields are used. This helps you completely customize the mail for a particular user.

Mail Merge Fields
3. Usage Help:
If you have trouble trying to figure out how merge fields work, you can just take a look at ‘Usage Help’. Here there are examples of the syntax as well as how it would appear in the mail.

Usage help

4. Uploaded Images:
This option only works for the HTML version of the mail. The image can either be uploaded and dragged and dropped to the necessary location in the mail. Or the image can be added using a URL as well.

Upload image

If you do not want to use ChargeBee’s SMTP server then you have the option to configure your own SMTP server go to Settings > Email Notification > SMTP Settings.

If you think all these features do not fit your mail notification needs, we have an integration with MailChimp.

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