The payment process or the checkout flow of a website is usually an intricate process and handcrafted with care. In a perfect world, all the prospects who enter the website convert to paying customers. But it does not work that way. Many SaaS and ecommerce businesses deal with prospects leaving the website and payment page abandonment on a day to day basis.

There are a number of elements that can be tweaked to prevent the drop in conversion rates at the payment page level. When it comes to the design and layout of the payment page, the questions that you need to ask are: Is the payment page going to be single page or multi-step? If you have a few fields then a single page should suffice. If you have a large number of fields on your payment page it must be spread out to multiple steps. Letting the customers see how many steps they have to go through is a good option.

The design should be able to accommodate all the fields, as well as the information that needs to go into the payment page. The must haves such as the product details, billing amount, include the taxes and the shipping costs. It is a wise choice to let the customers all the charges from the beginning of the payment process if not the customers will be in for a rude shock.

We trust Logos, we trust their Brands. Have a logo of your company in the payment page, this will ensure the customers that they are still on the page of your website.

Also have the Logos of trust regulatory bodies as a part of your security measure. Such as the Secure Sockets Layer (Often shown with a padlock symbol), Norton VeriSign, the MasterCard Secure Code and verified by Visa. Whichever applies to your business, this not only ensures all the regulations are being followed but also builds a sense of security for the customers. You could also include the payment methods you accept as well.

Don’t forget to include the refund or the return policy that your company provides. For SaaS businesses, the next billing amount as well as the next billing date. For businesses charging based on quantity, the quantity for the next billing.

Also make it easy for the customers to contact you, it would be a good option to have a live chat window on the payment page.

Implementation of the elements: How do I do it with ChargeBee?

With ChargeBee’s hosted payment pages you can have your payment pages look exactly like your gorgeous website, change the fields, text and font exactly the way you want it.

Starting from the different layout options:

  • Rhapsody, a layered checkout flow to guide your customers through, one step at a time.
  • Minimal theme for a clear and minimalistic checkout impression.
  • Elegant theme for a simple and holistic checkout pages.
Payment Pages

Paint the town red or any other colour your want with a spectrum of colours to choose from all through your dashboard, with the completely customizable text, colours and font.

Colour and text

Or you could  even build your own theme using the Bootstrap framework.

Here is a short ‘How to’ video on how to customize the payment page:

When we handcraft everything about our business and the checkout flow, why allow small details to prevent conversions.

Have you taken advantage of our hosted page themes and custom fields yet? If yes, let us know your experience. If not, what are you waiting for?

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