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The Billing Wars: Starring The Finance and Dev Teams

It was the end of the month.  At a late-stage VC-backed business we currently work with, the finance and development teams locked horns in an accountability battle – a chaotic ‘Billing War.’ Spears were flung, and shields were raised. The finance team was agitated by the inaccuracies of an archaic billing system the developers had …

How to Uncomplicate Your Churn Problem

Nothing that’s truly transformational, is simple. Like conquering planets, building products that outlive the people, or intercepting customer churn before it even happens. Innovation is supposed to be complex. Or is it?

Weaving Perception in Your Customer Retention Game, and how Subscription eCommerce Businesses Can Deflect More Cancels

What does it take to build a foolproof customer retention strategy? What has customer experience (CX) got to do with it? And what can two Coke bottles teach subscription eCommerce businesses about brand building? All of this, and more, as we explore the relationships between retention and perception and how it impacts the process of building a retention strategy from the ground up.