Guy Marion

GM - Chargebee Retention. Formerly, founder & CEO - Brightback. Revenue-focused SaaS leader harboring an obsession with customer retention.

6 Ways to Retain Subscribers Before They Cancel

The old feedback at the point of cancellation always is a too-little-too-late effort in building relationships. Do you know about the 5 other active ways you can offer customers a cancellation experience that makes them want to stay?

6 Best Practices for Optimizing a Deflection Funnel

1) Build an Online Funnel and Measure it NY State and California have passed consumer protection laws that make it required for companies who offer online purchase of subscriptions to offer an online cancellation option. In addition, customers, by a strong majority, prefer an online cancellation flow (according to a Chargebee Retention 2021 state of …

Why Retention is the Bedrock of High Subscriber Growth

There are two kinds of companies – ones that think of retention reactively, and ones that use retention as a means to also fuel their subscription growth rocket. Which company are you? And how can you take your retention game a notch higher? All answers here.