John Solomon

Marketing Leader / Sales Enabler. Head of India Operations for @Infrascale / @sosonlinebackup.

9 Mistakes In #Saas Business That Make You Look Dumb

The pressures, expectations and responsibility of running your business can make you lose focus on important goals and end up making some simple mistakes that make you look dumb, unfocused and confused. Here are nine mistakes SaaS businesses make that make them look dumb.

How social media could help you win the Game of Thrones

Winning the marketing game with social media is all about adding value to your prospects. Whether your goals is to improve customer service, drive traffic or get more sales, the bottom line is that your activities should be related at making the lives of your target prospects easier.

5 Facts About SaaS Businesses Everyone Thinks Are True (But Aren’t)

Honestly, building a successful SaaS business is more of hard work, long nights with coffee and the constant pressure to match up to or outperform competitors. The sad truth is that 80 percent of the successful SaaS startup stories you will hear, you never get the other side of the story. The advantages of a recurring revenue business model are clear. However, is the business model a magic pill to success?

It did what? 10 secrets about content marketing in the world of #SaaS

Content marketing involves more than just creating content for the sake of it. The marketing must be approached in a planned and targeted manner. An in-depth understanding of content marketing strategies and correct implementation is crucial to positive lead generation. Here are 10 major things you should know about content marketing for SaaS.