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We’ve raised Series D: 14 Million thanks to you

We’re super excited to announce our latest Series D round of funding led by Steadview Capital. This brings the total funding round we’ve raised to date to almost $40M.  Steadview’s focus on long-term investments aligned beautifully with our goal of building Chargebee as the essential infrastructure for every SaaS and Subscription business.  The last few …

5 Reasons NOT to build your own Online Billing system

You’re at the crossroads, again. Ruminating on the idea of building a billing system for your SaaS startup. A voice in your head is crying for help, maybe because it knows that building a system can be a daunting task. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to this voice. With a great development team, what could possibly go wrong with the idea of building a solution on your own?

Why experimenting with pricing is critical for a SaaS Company?

Do you think that the color and the text on your website affect conversions? Of course, it does and you know that really well. Though, the price of your offering also affects conversions. Do you run experiments with your pricing? It’s tricky. But, for a SaaS startup, it’s crucial to get the price right.