Change in scene in Australian payment gateway integration options.

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Update: We’ve come up with an interactive and comprehensive tool to compare and evaluate the payment gateway providers in Australia.

The payment landscape in Australia is now going through a tremendous change with Stripe also entering the battleground. Now the attractive payment gateway option for startups in Australia is comparable to that of USA.


We have updated our blog as there have been a lot of changes since we last visited this topic.

1. Stripe (in beta):

Stripe has been in the news for some time in the recent past not only because they have been taking on Paypal by providing data portability for their customers but also have been expanding globally. And now have entered the Australian market with their Beta.

With a per transaction fee of 2.7% + 30¢ for Australia without any monthly minimums, they have made the space very competitive. Here is their pricing for Australia in detail.


2. EWay:

eWay is another great option of accepting credit cards in Australia, especially if you want to have your own merchant account from a bank at lower rates. The payment gateway has partnered with over 23 local banks to enable direct deposits for merchants. eWay takes out the hassle of getting paid online and has integrated over 180 Australian shopping carts and has a community of over 500 developers that can help you with setting up the payment gateways.

Some of the features of the payment gateways include:

  • Support for mobile payments
  • Reporting tools to help you track transactions
  • Different pricing based on plans


3. Braintree:

Braintree entered the Australian market sometime in November last year, is now out of the beta stage. They have a simple pricing of 2.4% + $.30 per transaction and has a monthly minimum fee.

The deal finally in the news, as of September 26, 2013, that Ebay’s PayPal has acquired Chicago-based payments gateway Braintree, in an all-cash deal worth $800 million.

Website: Braintree

4. Pin Payments:

Pin Payments is Australia’s first all-in-one online payment API. They came out of their Beta only in May. Just like Stripe, Pin was designed for Developers. It does not require a gateway or a merchant account. Pin boasts of simple signup and transparent pricing includes everything you need to take payments in websites, mobile apps, and in-person. Successful transactions are charged at 3% + 30c, with:

  • No hidden interchange fees
  • No minimum balance or security deposits required
  • AUD, USD and NZD transactions included as standard on all accounts
  • Free automated fraud detection on every transaction


5. WorldPay:

WorldPay is an international payment gateway that offers a range of online payment services including a merchant account, credit and debit card processing and risk management.

The payment gateway allows merchants to accept payment online through credit cards, phone and mail orders. The company has a Business Gateway package that allows small businesses to set up subscription payments, accept PayPal and other forms of payments, and accept multiple currencies.

Website: WorldPay

Other payment gateways in Australia you can consider include MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS)Payflow ProPayment ExpressSecurePay AustraliaPayMate, FatZebraPaychoicee-PathMerchant Warrior,  eMatters, and SCNet.

Choosing a Payment Gateway for your Australian Start-up

There are other alternative online payment solutions that Australian business owners can opt for. What is, however, important to remember is that your solution should be used by the majority of your target market. If you are selling mainly to the local market, one of the solutions focussed on AUD itself may be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are selling overseas, some of the international payments will be ideal.

When choosing a merchant account provider, you need to check whether the solution will work for your business. Look at the fees, merchant account agreement, support and reputation of the company. Ultimately, you will have to strike a balance on the features that you want and what the merchant account provider offers.

Do you have an experience with one of these Australian Payment Gateways that you wish to share? Let us know your thoughts.

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