We’re super excited to announce our latest Series D round of funding led by Steadview Capital. This brings the total funding round we’ve raised to date to almost $40M. 

Steadview’s focus on long-term investments aligned beautifully with our goal of building Chargebee as the essential infrastructure for every SaaS and Subscription business. 

The last few years have been particularly exciting for us at Chargebee. We’ve seen the scale of operations of our existing and new customers grow at a CAGR of over 150% year-on year. 

We now process over $2 Billion of the world’s subscription revenue, with thousands of businesses around the world. 

As a product, we’ve steadily evolved from automating billing operations to managing end-to-end subscription workflows, to today, enabling Revenue Operations.


This year we changed our approach to Product release cycle with continuous engineering releases bundled into major orchestrated announcements that allow us to align with customer priorities faster. In May, we announced the single biggest update to Chargebee with a host of capabilities that help businesses streamline their revenue cycle across marketing, sales, success, finance, and operations. 

We’ve expanded our global presence with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands in addition to our current offices in San Francisco, CA and Chennai, India. 

It’s been a phenomenal journey. And we’re just about getting started. 

But today, wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t raise our glasses to a toast:

  • To our customers who’ve enabled this journey – by building on us, and constantly driving us to deliver an even better product.
  • To all our investors, well-wishers and angels who believed in us from the beginning and supported us at each step of the way.
  • To our partners – who join hands with us to build an ecosystem for the next generation SaaS & subscription businesses to build and scale.
  • And, of course, our team across the USA, Europe, and India who worked through sleepless nights and days to make our dream a reality.

14 million thanks to each and every one of you. And now, we’re back to building the subscription infrastructure to drive your SaaS revenue cycle.