Why Should You Have Your Own Domain Name?

~ 3 min read | June 9

Your Own Domain

Getting started with your business online is easy. In fact, you can get started with zero investment but your time. You can set up a free website using some good themes from WordPress, host your site at free web hosts and start driving traffic. However, if you are serious with your business, you need to get your own domain name. Why is it important to have your own domain name?

To sell online, customers need to trust your brand and be sure that you will deliver. The first step to getting people to trust you is to have your own domain name and a professional website. While you can use free emails services providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Live and so on, your customer trust will be low. Below are some reasons why you should get your own domain name:

1. Build Trust Among Customers

Having a free email address does not evoke trust like your own domain email address will. Most people are cautious about buying online for different reasons. On the minimum, customers expect that you should have your own company domain name if you are running a business.

Domain names go for about $10  a year and so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one.

2. Have Different Emails

Having your own domain names helps you keep your communication more organized and your business relevant to your prospects. You can use different emails for different purposes.

For example, you can have a billing address and a sales address, both with the same domain name e.g. billing(at)yourdomain.com and sales(at)yourdomain.com. Organizing your emails makes it easy to offer support and follow up on your customers on things like billing, sales, support and so on.

Customers will also immediately recognize your company when they get your email and are likely to take action.

3. Build Brand Awareness

Communicating with customers through your own domain email enhances your brand. Prospects can remember your company easily by checking your email domain name and this can be crucial for follow ups.

Most people get hundreds of emails in their inboxes. For your email to stand out, it has to be unique from the hundreds of emails from free web mail like Yahoo and Gmail.

4. Have Control of Your Reputation

Having our own domain name gives you control of what people perceive about you and your company. On the Internet, anything can be said about you. If you piss off a customer or a blogger, do not be surprised if someone registers your company domain name for the purposes of tarnishing your reputation.

Before you start engaging with customers online, secure your company’s domain name to safeguard your reputation.

5. Enjoy SEO Benefits

Most search engines place a level of importance on the domain name that you use. A professional domain name is more likely to be ranked higher than a free domain. To make sales online, you need customers to find your website.

A free domain name may not give you the leverage you need against your competitors. With your own domain name, you will get more credibility from search engines, get increased traffic and possibly make better than sales than with a free domain.

Communicating with customers with your own domain name is important to build trust and enhance brand awareness. Business owners should invest in their own domain names to protect their brand image and enhance their visibility online.

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