You should always seek opportunities to increase average order value (AOV) to generate more revenue and profits for your business. As the name suggests, AOV refers to the average dollar amount a customer spends on each transaction. To figure out your AOV, divide your total revenue by the number of orders.

You would be correct if you assumed a higher AOV is ideal. The higher your AOV, the more revenue you generate per transaction. Higher AOV can result in increased profits and an optimized bottom line. More importantly, increasing your AOV can help improve customer retention and loyalty, which means more stability for your business.

In this post, we’ll explore different strategies to increase average order value.

How can product bundles boost your sales and customer loyalty?

Consider offering product bundles or packages to boost Average Order Value (AOV). This strategy enhances customers’ perceived value and convenience, eliminating the need for tedious selection processes. For instance, when buying a video game console, you can choose between a standalone option or bundled packages containing accessories and a subscription to on-demand games. Opting for a bundle provides all necessary items in a single premium package, simplifying the shopping experience and increasing sales.

Not only can this appeal to potential customers, but this strategy ultimately encourages loyal customers to buy more items, increasing average order value.

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How can cross-selling and up-selling boost your sales strategy?

Cross-selling and up-selling are common marketing strategies found across various industries. Cross-selling involves suggesting additional products that complement those already selected. Cross-selling enhances the customer’s shopping journey and boosts the Average Order Value (AOV). Incorporating related add-ons on product pages or just before checkout presents a straightforward method to elevate AOV and ensure customer satisfaction.

Up-selling operates similarly but centers on suggesting a pricier variant of the intended product. You can enhance the transaction’s value by emphasizing additional features, relevant promotions, or notable aspects by steering towards a higher-priced product.

How can I increase customer loyalty and sales with personalized rewards and offers?

Loyalty programs are a powerful method to drive customer spending and foster brand loyalty. You can tailor personalized rewards and offers by gaining insights into customer behavior fueling repeat purchases.

Analyzing purchase history and key data metrics unveils targeted opportunities. Introduce time-sensitive discounts through these programs to entice customers, convert first-time buyers, and increase purchase frequency. Offering percentage discounts based on spending thresholds can increase purchase frequency and spending, ultimately boosting average order value and enhancing customer lifetime value.

How can eCommerce increase customer spending with shipping thresholds & offers?

Establish a shipping threshold to incentivize customers to boost their average spending. Providing free shipping entices both existing and potential customers to increase their purchases. eCommerce businesses often use this strategy to motivate customers to reach a specified spending threshold to waive shipping fees. For those requiring expedited delivery, you can offer expedited shipping at an additional cost.

Consider implementing volume discounts to boost the Average Order Value (AOV). These discounts could be reduced prices based on quantity or bundled item purchases. Setting thresholds for free shipping and offering volume discounts can provide loyal customers with added benefits.

Can financing make your products more accessible?

To enhance affordability and attract a broader customer base, consider offering financing options to your customers. By partnering with a financing company, you can enable customers to spread the cost of larger purchases over time, making them more manageable. This strategy encourages customers to invest in higher price point items or services and opens doors to new prospects who may have previously found such purchases out of reach.


For retailers and e-commerce businesses, Average Order Value (AOV) is a pivotal success metric. Dedicating time to creating a strategy to increase average order value is crucial. Implement these strategies to encourage continued customer spending, ultimately increasing profitability and revenue.

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