ChargeBee new subscription billing features: Flexi-coupons, trial extension, one-time payments, shipping address and more.

| Last Updated: August 04, 2015 |

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We have been releasing features in ChargeBee on a weekly schedule and there are several exciting features that you should take advantage of for your subscription billing needs.

##Flexi coupons became much more flexible:

Allow your marketing / sales team to run interesting promotions with more flexibility in coupon management.

  • You can now configure coupons to apply on “plans” or “plans & addons”.
  • If your customer wants to buy multiple quantities of particular plan, you can apply fixed amount discount coupons by quantity ($2 off multiplied by plan quantity).
  • Restrict coupons by specific plans for which they should apply.
  • You can promote these coupon codes with various constraints like limited period, one-time coupon with specific validity or max redemptions for the coupon. All this is possible with clicks & configuration in ChargeBee.

Flexible Coupons that you can create

Flexible Coupons that you can create

View your customer subscription details with just ‘hover’:

  • Now you can view subscription summary by scrolling over subscriptions to view the details, without having to click on each subscription. This will make billing support much more easier.

  • There are exciting features lined up to extend this feature to cloud based helpdesk software to make your billing support a breeze.

Hover -See Details of Subscription

Hover -See Details of Subscription

Enable & extend trial for inactive subscriptions:

  • If you wish to extend trial period for customers even if their subscription is now inactive or suspended. You can now reactivate the trial.

  • Reactivate the subscription by passing the number of trial days and users will be able to enjoy their trial period without a hassle.

Extend Trial

Extend Trial

More details here:

Shipping address in payment page:

You can also retrieve and update multiple addresses on a subscription. And these addresses can be labelled as per your choice – shipping address, billing address, office, home, home-offce – anything of your choice as labels. :)

add multiple shipping address with labels

add multiple shipping address with labels

More details here:

One time charges:

Create non-recurring addons and charge customers immediately via API with an invoice. You can upsell components easily by creating an invoice instantly.

You can also include adhoc one-time charges that can be charged immediately or with next billing cycle.

Add One-Time Charge

Add One-Time Charge

Interestingly we will be releasing PDF e-invoice feature soon (Implemented) with ability to brand and send to your customer, all as part of our automated recurring billing solution.

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