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Thank you.

It’s as simple as that.

It is also one of the simple things in life that is often taken for granted.

How often do we forget to say Thank you! To the Doorman (who opens the door) so that you don’t have to. To the cab driver who makes sure you reach your destination safe and on time. To the fastfood guy who knows your order and adds extra fries to your order.

And how often do businesses say Thank you after a purchase?

So we went back and did a little research. We found that after a purchase(checkout) customers are being redirected either to the website or to a totally unrelated page without even acknowledging the purchase. This could be for various reasons, lack of resources, designer time or designer all together. Or it may have simple not occurred to them that it could be done.

And yes, ChargeBee was one of them.

We built a ‘Thank You’ page as part of the theme, so its easier for you to do it.

Without further ado

Introducing the brand new ‘Thank You’ page.

Screenshot (36)

The ‘Thank You’ page in its raw form, is your canvas, like the hosted payment pages, waiting to be painted.

Every text in the page is configurable, so you can design it in your own words & colors.

You could also add a plan specific piece of information about when the trial might end (if you have one), informing the customer about the next billing date and the amount they will be charged.

So, what else can you use the ‘Thank You’ page for?

Customer engagement:

Get your customers to know more about your product or the kind of services you provide. You could have a paragraph on all the different things the customer might have to read up before using the product or have links to the tutorials that you may have.

Get your customers to create their self service portal account:

Have you activated the customer portal yet?

Thank you Page Photo credit :Elena Roussakis

You can get your customers to sign up to the customer portal immediately. This way they will be able to manage their own Account, billing, payment and shipping information. More importantly, when customers know that they are in control of their subscriptions, it makes them feel confident about your service.

Cross selling:

If you have more than one product or service and they complement each other, then the ‘Thank You’ page could be used to cross-sell your product or service.

Let’s say you are a SaaS company and you just launched a new service, you could inform your customers about them and possibly give them a discount for the second purchase.

Or say you are a comic book store, and are starting a new series of comics, the Thank you page could provide an introduction to the new series and provide a link to the landing page etc.

The Thank you page could be that ‘cherry on top’ to your gorgeous looking website to begin engaging your customers. So, don’t forget to say Thank you.

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