Mobile Payment Provider options for Merchants

Mobile: Future of Payments

Do you have customers requesting mobile payment options for their subscription products? Are you considering adding a mobile payment choice for your company in the near future? While the market for mobile payments is still relatively new, it has spread rapidly. As more people use smartphones to conduct daily, weekly, and monthly transactions, mobile payment customer bases will continue to increase.

There are a number of good options for mobile payments on the market already. It is important for a company to review their choices on an individual basis to determine what would be the best fit for their particular subscription products.


PayPal Logo

PayPal has become a widely accepted payment form for many businesses. They offer extensive mobile app features, including the ability to scan checks for deposit. The biggest downside to the service is that it is considerably more expensive than most similar alternatives. While some companies may decide that these fees are worth the convenience of the widespread network, other companies will be motivated to look elsewhere



Dwolla has a small network base and requires bank account information, but it has some of the best features available for mobile payments. Users who have banks that support instant transactions won’t have the transfer lag that is typical for this type of payment. Dwolla has a $0.25 transaction fee for any transaction over $10 ($10 or less is free and does not incur a transaction fee), an instant loan feature, and the ability to let you pay a participating merchant directly from your bank account.



Square has become most popular among merchants, particularly those who have locations that change on a regular basis, such as farmers market or craft fair vendors. As it requires a physical credit card swipe, it may not be an ideal option for subscription services that require monthly payments. However, for companies that maintain a physical office where customers can make payments in person, it may be an option to consider.

Clover Pay


Clover Pay is still in the beta stage and requires an invitation to start using their services. They have grown more slowly than many similar companies, but their mobile application and other service features are all top notch. They keep the process for requesting and making payments simple and include a wide range of options for these payments including email, face-to-face, and SMS. The biggest downside for subscription companies with a large number of clients is that they have low funding limits and monthly caps.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Google Wallet allows users to make payments online from any desktop or mobile device as well as in-store via field communication. Users must save credit card information in their Wallet accounts. This credit card is used for all purchases made with Google Wallet. Google got a head start getting their services into the market and is integrated into more retail stores than any other mobile payment service. Currently they do not offer as many features as PayPal, and they only support payments via credit card without any option to add a bank account.



PressPay takes the best features of PayPal and Google Wallet and gives you the ability to manage all of them right from a mobile device, as opposed to a cloud service, for a competitive introductory merchant fee of $5 per month. Merchants do not get charged for individual transactions, and PressPay never tracks customer data or transitional data. The servers never store private customer information. The checkout process takes online a few seconds and works with many existing forms of payment, including all major credit cards. Are you interested in adding a mobile checkout option to your website? It takes under 20 minutes to get PressPay set up for customers.



Text2Pay differentiates themselves from similar mobile payment providers by allowing users to pay without a credit card or bank account. When a customer makes a transaction, he will receive a text message on his phone and the balance for the transaction will be added to his phone bill. They offer some of the most competitive transaction rates on the market. Text2Pay has a widget that merchants can integrate into their current online payment system with ease. A customer will opt to pay via text, enter his phone number, and complete the transaction by replying to a text message. The service does not require customers to sign up for anything or to leave the merchant site during the transaction.