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Spring 2021 Product Updates: Experiment and Scale with Rapid Time to Value

We want to enable businesses to streamline their processes, scale their operations, expand their global footprint, and deploy strategies in minutes, not even days.

Feature: Credits! Credits! Credits!

Credits and Coupons have a lot in common. They only differ in context, in terms of where and when they’re used. If you run a SaaS startup, you should understand this difference and use both credits and coupons effectively.

How to avoid friction in your trial sign up process

How easy do you make it for your prospects to start using your app. Does the delay caused by the usual way of verifying an email affect conversions? What if there’s no email verification involved and you end up getting bots signing up for your service? Is there a middle path?

Top 5 Email Practices post trial signup

You’ve invested heavily in your acquisition efforts and they’re paying off. You’ve started getting more and more sign ups. It isn’t the end of the story, though. These prospects haven’t converted into customers yet.