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Spring ’23 Product Updates: Unlock the Right Growth Levers to Thrive Through Economic Uncertainty

The threat of rising interest rates and the ongoing economic uncertainty have left businesses reevaluating spends and operating frugally. And, with conscious spending taking over the consumer mindset, customers are now postponing new purchases or subscription renewals unless it’s essential.  While it may be challenging to acquire new customers, it’s not impossible to ride out …

Recurring Billing System – Build vs Buy?

To build or not to build. Most SaaS founders find themselves amidst this dilemma. Is it worth building your own system? Isn’t it risky to choose a third party system for something as vital as billing? What all important factors should guide your decision?

Waltzing with the chimp

To say ‘we’re elated’ would be an understatement. Alright folks, Here’s the big news – ChargeBee now integrates with MailChimp, Savvy?