More power to your CRM: Handle recurring payments with Chargebee and Salesforce

~ 5 min read | February 1

If you are part of a growing B2B business, chances are you already have a solid sales team that’s obsessed with closing more deals quarter on quarter. And, just as likely, you have a CRM like Salesforce that this team lives and breathes in every day.

Your most straightforward growth lever comes down to – how do you make your sales team more efficient?

Better tools? More visibility? Streamlined operations? Or just adding more capacity?

Whichever route you take, you’d agree – any time that your team is forced to spend outside your CRM is the time that could’ve been spent closing another deal instead.

“At a certain point of scale, your sales team’s efficiency becomes both the driving and limiting function in your business.”

The updated Chargebee – Salesforce integration, that we’ve just released is designed to minimize the data entry that usually accompanies the deal closure process, and in turn, help your sales team focus on winning deals – instead of juggling between systems. With this update, you can bring the entire power of your subscription management engine right within the reach of your sales team in Salesforce.

Go from Cold Call to Booking Revenue in One Place

The Salesforce CRM and billing integration with Chargebee gives sales teams the ability to now start and end their days within Salesforce to manage their subscriptions. Sales teams can focus solely on the customer, stay more productive, and achieve smoother workflows. Teams using Chargebee and Salesforce have been able to create & view subscription and invoice information, add charges, and more. This update gives sales teams to efficiently change subscriptions from Salesforce, without breaking workflows.

Give an Unmatched Subscription Experience – from Prospect to Customer

Salesforce tries to keep a record of all the information you need on your prospects in one place so you can find more context. However, during the course of the subscription, the context changes, and you’ll now need the subscription information from Chargebee to give you that.

For instance, your sales team wants to be able to make on-the-go changes to a subscription whilst directly talking to the customer or prospect.

Or they may be talking to a Trial customer and they want to increase their user quantity in real time. And they’d want the billing to be updated automatically as well.

With the Chargebee – Salesforce integration in place, you can go beyond closing deals faster. What the integration also helps with is making more contextual decisions during negotiations and renewals.

Here’s what your sales team can now achieve without leaving Salesforce

  • Upgrade/downgrade a subscription – Make upgrades and downgrades to subscriptions without interrupting workflows
  • Add or remove addons: Make changes to addons in existing subscriptions
  • Uplift/discount prices: Revise prices or provide discounts to deserving customers to win deals and retain accounts
  • Add coupons:  Provide coupons to customers to retain them longer
  • Change billing cycles: Control the number of renewals for plans that have a fixed lifetime

So, how does all of this impact your team in Salesforce? In quite a few ways, actually.

  • Identified an upsell opportunity midway through your enterprise account’s subscription term? You can now use the ‘change subscription’ action and upgrade the customer’s plan from right within Salesforce and have those changes synced into Chargebee in real-time.
  • Selling an addon or value-added service to an existing subscription? Handling this from Salesforce lets you automatically update the deal’s opportunity as well. This means lesser confusion in calculating individual commissions to your sales team.
  • Want to incentivize your loyal customer with a discount? You get to apply coupons at the individual subscription level without even leaving Salesforce.

As more established enterprises embrace subscription payments, enterprise billing systems need to be increasingly agile and flexible. Chargebee aims to consistently enable these companies to monetize through subscriptions and enhance the customer experience at scale, by continuing to address their constantly evolving needs like:

  • Smooth integrations with enterprise CRM solutions.
  • Automate the buying cycle from purchase to billing to invoicing.
  • Easily manage customer subscription lifecycles – from sign-ups to renewals.
  • Give the right context to businesses with the help of reporting metrics that matter.
  • Quickly iterate pricing models to fit evolving business models.
  • Address the accounting complexities of revenue recognition and reconciliation.

Adding to these, the combined power of Chargebee and Salesforce gives subscription-based businesses like yours the ability to manage customers more easily, gain a holistic view of the customer, and maximize LTV in a way that’s elegant, efficient, and effective.

And that’s the reason we invest so heavily in building an ecosystem of integrations in Chargebee.

Note: Check out our docs for more on what you can do with integrating Salesforce with Chargebee.

Want to learn more about how Chargebee can empower your sales team? Our Subscription Billing Expert is just a call away. Just let us know when you’d like to talk and let us take it from there.  

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