SaaS Management Resources you will ever need

The recurring revenue business model is amazing. The margins are great and the revenue predictable. However, despite all these advantages, startups and growing SaaS companies still need to work “behind the scenes” to get their products known in the market.

Below is a curated a list of resources that will help to kickstart and augment your efforts.

Website Optimization

Landing Page Conversion Optimization Cheat Sheet – Your landing page is where your customers will sign up for your product or leave your website without taking action. Your copy, images and landing page design will affect your conversions. Learn how to improve your landing page conversions with this cheat sheet by Fernando Florez.

7 Clever Ways You Can Increase Your Email Opt-ins and Get More Subscribers – Email marketing is one of the crucial online marketing techniques you should be using to acquire customers for your business. Learn how you can increase your email opt-in rates from this article by Michael Zipursky.

The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization– If you are just starting with conversion optimization, this is the only guide you will need. Start from the very beginning learning what conversion optimization is and end up with closing users from this in-depth 12-chapter guide by Qualaroo.

How We Made an Extra £14 Million for a Travel Company (Case Study) – This case study by Conversion Rate Experts goes behind the scenes on how the company increased the revenues of their client by more than £14 million. The article has a lot of ideas that you can incorporate in your business to improve conversions.

Growth Hacking

21 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics – To take your company to the next level, you need to grow fast. However, what do you do when you don’t have the marketing budget to advertise? Here are 21 (mostly free) actionable steps you can start implementing today to grow your business, presented by Jon Yongfook.

How to Grow from 0 to 100,000 Users in 12 Months Using Content Marketing – Content fuels the web and any founder should already know this. Read this guide by Chris Clark on how you can get prospects to know about your product offering using content marketing.

How We Put Facebook on the Path to 1 Billion Users (Video) – If you have problems getting users to your app, you can learn from Facebook.

Find out how growth hacker Chamath Palihapitiya helped to pave the road for Facebook to reach one billion users.

Growth Hacking Today – Find out what is growth hacking all about and the process. Get insights from companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb that have successfully grown with growth hacking.

User Activations

How to Get Users to Become Paying Customers – So you have users but they are not paying? The bottom line with any business is not only to have users, but get those users to pay. Learn how to turn free users to paying customer with this guide by Kissmetrics.

How to Use Email to Improve Customer Activation – If your users are not responding or taking action on your email, it’s time to take a proactive approach to activate them. Learn how you can improve your email activation rates.

Customer Activation and Lead Generation for the Small Business (PDF) – If you are just starting or growing your business without funding, you want to read this whitepaper to find out how to generate leads on your website.

SaaS Marketing Strategy (Library) – This library of SaaS resources addresses everything, from product trials to SaaS marketing. Pay special attention to the content on the SaaS mistakes you should avoid. Peter Cohen has all the insight you need.

Metrics that Matter

Top SaaS Metrics to care about at every stage of your business -Like the importance of having the right weapons at war, the right metrics for business make all the difference. To ensure the health of your business, you only need to concentrate on the metrics that matter. Read this article to know which metrics to measure and when.

The 5 Must Have Metrics for Your SaaS Business – Which are the five essential metrics you should be measuring in your business? Should you look at traffic, engagement, activations, or which other metrics? Kissmetrics outlines and metrics and explains why they are important.

A Complete Guide to SaaS Metrics and Your Pricing Strategy – While not really a complete guide, this article on the PriceIntelligently blog provides great insight on customer acquisition cost (CAC), eliminating churn, and refining monetization.

The ABCs of SaaS Math – This post by Mark MacLeod is meant for founders who are just getting started with SaaS metrics and math. Get the definition of the most common and important metrics in SaaS. Know what the different SaaS metrics mean and how they are calculated.

What other resources would you recommend for SaaS founders?