Here are few reasons why you should use ChargeBee for your recurring billing application needs.

  • Integrate once with our awesome API and transact via multiple gateways.
  • You do not want to spend weeks creating invoices & chasing payments; instead have it all done automatically.

Check out our awesome API here. This provides a great abstraction layer for you on top of any payment gateway of your choice. Here is our list of payment gateways.

Greater pricing flexibility:

  • Your competition is coming up with newer pricing models and you want to change quickly & retain customers.
  • You want to trump competition by introducing newer pricing models and disrupt.
  • You want to grandfather in prices for your existing customers (and we strongly recommend that you should especially if you are building services that businesses depend on).

Improve customer retention:

  • by providing a great billing experience to customers.
  • Reduce customer drop-off rates via preemptive follow-ups for expiring cards, dunning management to handle failed transactions etc.,
  • Reduce customer churn by identifying & retaining unhappy customers – credits, coupons, adjusted billing dates.

Increase average revenue per customer (ARPU):

  • Upsell add-ons, promote using coupons to existing customer base.

Secure billing experience:

  • scale easily without worrying about online payments.
  • assure your customers that their billing related information is safe – PCI compliant.
  • Pro-rate billing and delight your customers with accurate billing amount when they upgrade or downgrade.

Automate communication:

  • templatized email notifications to remain consistent in your communications.
  • transparency in billing by exposing history of transactions to customers.
  • detailed line item level billing details to assure your customers.


  • You want to stay on top of your sales cycle by having metrics at your fingertips – dashboard.
  • You want to measure based on actual revenue realised and it gets accounted automatically in your accounting system.

Multiple gateway support with intelligent routing:

  • Expand globally and intelligently route payments via different gateways / merchant accounts – Euro payments via European gatway, USD payments via US gateway & so on.

We charge a per transaction fee without monthly minimums. We firmly believe our cost structure allows us to pass on the cost benefit to our customers at this rate.

Our promise is simple and same as what we advice our customers: if we ever need to increase our prices for new customers, we will always grandfather in the prices for a long long time so we continue to have your trust in us and your business will only benefit from our improved service.