There’s more to subscriptions

Renewals and recurring charges just scratch the surface. Soon, you'd expect more from your subscriptions. Like running pricing experiments. Upselling with add-ons. And letting your team, not just the developers, manage subscriptions first-hand. We've built everything that you'd need to steer your way through the nuances of subscriptions.
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billing and invoicing

Recurring Billing and Invoicing can be a pain in the SaaS

Building something which is more-than-just-good requires great effort. And that’s exactly why you should focus on your product and quit worrying about the nitty gritties of invoicing. Staying compliant with Canadian taxes. Smart retry logic to recover lost revenue or calculate proration. Sending customers beautiful and clear invoices. Anything that may come your way, we’ve got you covered!
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Chargebee supports top gateways in Canada, so you can scale your reach with ease.
Payment Gateways in Canada

Make peace with payments

Options & Security. Two aspects of payments that help you deliver a stellar customer experience with complete peace of mind. We’re PCI level 1 compliant, which means customer information stays safe. Also, we complement most of the global gateways with one smart API, enabling multiple payment options - online, offline, and alternative.