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Chargebee is redefining the way subscription
businesses think about relationships

The relationships that power subscriptions might begin with a great onboarding experience, and develop with responsive support, but they are reinforced in the everyday interactions that a customer has with a business.

Chargebee is a subscription management and billing solution that makes these everyday interactions effortless, so businesses can be certain that every aspect of their customer experience, big and small, lives up to their vision.

We need a Copy Editor

You’ll be a part of our Marketing team.

For us, marketing begins with the product. The change we are trying to create with it, in lives and businesses. The marketing team labors with the tools of curiosity, empathy, and data, to communicate this change, through different mediums, to the right people.

Our writers work on a wide range of SaaS and Chargebee material. A lot of research and effort goes into what they do. We lay importance on what the customer gets to see.

At Chargebee, you will review all content created by our writers. You will ensure that standards are maintained and followed. You’ll focus on the language - the grammar, style, consistency of it. You’ll help evolve a distinct brand voice.

Establish content standards,

so our writers and strategists craft concise, fresh writing, devoid of stock phrases and clichés, and tap the right notes, the right intent

Ensure their abidance,

so that consistency prevails in whatever we publish. So our readers identify with our style, our voice.

To create high-quality work

which is imperative because we value syntax as much as the ideas it seeks to relay.

We hope you’ve got

  • Impeccable writing abilities, interpersonal skills
  • An eye for detail, style, quality, and accuracy
  • Your head around which “which” is a which and which “which” is a that
  • At least 2-4 years of working experience as an Editor
  • The skills to make and set standards
  • Kilos(Pounds) of patience for reviews after reviews after reviews

On a typical day you might

Help people see the numbers

Create Standards

So our content material adheres to them. Make sure all the content we publish speaks one voice. To introduce a consistency in our write ups.

Optimize marketing’s APIs


See that our blog posts, our help content are free of errors. You’ll be looking at every piece of content our writers create.

Investigate Chargebee’s data

Be the overseer of the sentence

Which means that grammar, syntax, style, tone, tense, format, context will be the language you speak. You’ll set the rules, break them. Experiment with your knowledge of the mechanics of the language.

Separating the wheat from the chaff, and making sure only the wheat gets published.

Chargebee might be the opportunity you’re looking for

  • If you identify the positives attached to reviews, feedback, error proofing, and quality.
  • If you’re the kind that challenges yourself. If you recognise the direct relationship between feedback and growth.
  • If SaaS interests you. And the business seems like where you want to be.
  • If you enjoy working with a bunch of folks who believe in the harmonious growth of all.
If this sounds interesting but you’re not sure you'll tick all the boxes, apply anyway! There’s tons of room to grow at Chargebee.

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