Implementation Consultant

Chennai, Salt Lake City (UT) / Presales/ Full-Time

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Are you willing to help our customers kick-start their journey with Chargebee?

Part subscription billing educators, part recurring revenue consultants, and part Chargebee advocates, the Implementation team will define the ongoing relationship our customer has with the product

We help prospects address their product onboarding challenges by providing creative, out-of-the-box solutions and ensure we are a part of the customer journey from the “Go Live” phase up until their historical data is migrated to Chargebee

Building a solution means

Asking incisive questions

So we’re attacking the root of a problem. Going deep so that we know the ‘why’ behind every request means we’re never offering perfunctory solutions.

Being proactive about problems

So our solutions work in the long term. With the understanding that businesses are ever evolving, solving problems so that solutions work six or twelve months down the line means seeing more than a few steps ahead.

And never saying no

So our customers are always happy. It’s not always the case that Chargebee can address a problem directly, but that doesn’t mean a solution isn’t possible with a little bit of creativity.

We hope you’ve got

  • An impeccable set of communication skills.
  • People skills. You will be the technical face of Chargebee when interacting with customers.
  • The patience to see a problem through, even if a solution doesn’t always seem possible.
  • Excellent problem solving skills including the ability to think creatively.

On a typical day you might

Grapple with support tickets

Grapple with customer queries

The Implementation Consultant helps customers get all that they can out of Chargebee. Working in the Implementation team means developing a deep understanding of a customer’s problems and pain points and expressing complete mastery over Chargebee so it can be tailored to suit the need of the hour.

Engage with the product and engineering teams

Engage with the product and engineering teams

The Implementation team works closely with the engineering team and product teams, forwarding requests, feedback on experience, and tweaks to existing features.

Research new developments in SaaS

Develop a thorough knowledge of 3rd party solutions

Apart from a command over Chargebee, you will need a thorough knowledge of how Chargebee integrates with the Salesforces and the Netsuites of the world. You will, in this process, get to know what it takes to grow an online business.

Give customer perspective a voice

Give customer perspective a voice

Speaking to new customers every day means our Implementation Consultants develop a unique understanding of how to meet the customer’s needs. An insight that is invaluable to engineers building and ideating through new features.

You’ll have an opportunity to develop an understanding of online business, to hone your communication skills, and work with a team that never gives up on a customer, ever.

Chargebee might be the opportunity you’re looking for

  • If you’re interested in how subscription businesses can get more efficient.
  • If you’re hungry to give and receive feedback, fully understanding that challenging perspectives are the only way that you can grow.
  • If you can bring empathy to problem solving.
If this sounds interesting but you’re not sure you'll tick all the boxes, apply anyway! There’s tons of room to grow at Chargebee.

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