Pre-Sales Engineer

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What do we do?

The Presales team functions as the technical face of Chargebee and assists the Sales team during prospective customer engagements.

Here are a few of the tasks we are responsible for :
  • We respond to technical questions from a prospect regarding product
    features/functionalities, partner integrations etc.
  • We provide detailed replies to a customer RFI/ RFP (Request for Information/Proposal)
  • We provide a demo of a new feature/ partner integration etc.
    over a teleconference should a customer ask for one
  • We help our customers find suitable Implementation (dev.)partners
    if they need assistance integrating with Chargebee
Do we support ALL the potential customers out there?

Our primary responsibility is to work with Enterprise and SMB clients from US, Europe and Australia. We typically work on a diverse set of requirements from industries like SaaS, E-Commerce, Banking/ Finance and more.

What makes it fun?

To be good at our job, we must be fully aware of the latest and greatest about our product as well as what our competition is up to.

The cool thing about the role is that we get to interact with Product Managers, Engineers, Developer teams etc. on a daily basis. This helps us see every side of a customer’s problem. We gain a holistic understanding of the different challenges that each team in the company faces every day.

To summarise…

Our responsibility is to ensure that every large Enterprise/ SMB prospect

  • has a good understanding of our product’s capabilities
  • Is successfully onboarded onto our platform, legacy data and all