Growth can keep you in the stands. Only Hypergrowth can put you on the podium.

Despite an irrefutable acceleration in cloud adoption across industries, only 10% of the SaaS companies have >95% growth rate.

According to a Mckinsey study, 92% of companies with a nominal growth rate of 20% will fail. The key to success in this increasingly competitive market is speed & agility!

What did some hypergrowth companies get right?

Yousign grew 2x in 6 months by expanding to new markets.
Hypergrowth companies react lightning fast to market changes, are always ahead of the curve, & are 3x more likely to become unicorns than average growth companies.

What's stopping you from growing?

  • When you're growing, opportunities come at you faster than you expect. You should be able to leverage these opportunities for sustained hypergrowth.
  • Without an agile revenue engine that can leverage data & automation to support your business' unique revenue operations, you're stuck with modest growth rates in a fast-paced market.
  • Chargebee is the revenue infrastructure you need to break free from the average growth rates. We've enabled more than businesses to achieve hypergrowth by streamlining their revenue operations.

The road to hyper-growth starts here

How can you achieve hypergrowth now?

Accelerate your time-to-market

  • Spend less time in boardroom debates Launch new products without having to worry about compliance, taxes, localization, billing & subscription management.
  • Eliminate Dev Dependencies Cut down the multi-quarter engineering effort. Change pricing, plan, payment preferences without fresh dev effort.
  • Get 360° business visibility. Understand critical metrics related to growth, retention, leakage to stay on top of your business' growth & financial health.

Experiment & iterate your pricing in minutes, not months!

  • Price Elasticity Find your goldilocks pricing zone by hitting the sweet spot between cancellations, profits, & LTV with discounts & addons.
  • Iterate Pricing Experiment with multiple price points & pricing models or override with custom pricing.
  • Calendar Billing Offer flexible billing cycles, ranging from daily & weekly periods to multi-year contracts.

Go Global, like it's next door!

  • Tax Automation Automate tax management including GST, Sales Tax & EU-VAT across regions & nexus. Charge customers inclusive or exclusive of local tax rates.
  • Global Compliance From privacy shields to e-invoicing rules, RevRec to GDPR, support every region's compliance nuances.
  • Localize Experience Provide localized experiences for your customers at every checkpoint: pricing, payments, checkout, invoices, & emails.

Move upmarket or downmarket instantly!

  • Self-Serve model Automate your revenue engine from acquisition to retention & expansion. Curate a seamless customer experience with free trials, freemium plans, & checkout without tying up any engineering & design resources.
  • Sales-Assisted model Enable your sales team to sell better with best-of-breed Quote-to-Cash flow integrated with your CRM. Give your enterprise customers a flexible subscription experience with custom contracts & mid-cycle upgrades.
  • Empower your customers Set up a self-serve portal for customers to manage payment information, billing preferences, & subscription details without talking to a salesperson.

Recover (almost) lost revenue on auto-pilot

  • Smart Dunning As much as 10% of your recurring revenue may be at the risk of a payment failure. Fight involuntary churn by handling failed payments & delinquencies smartly.
  • Gateway Routing Prevent revenue leaks due to gateway fees & currency conversions. Route each payment to the right gateway based on region, payment method, & customer.
  • Pause Subscriptions Allow customers to temporarily pause their subscriptions, stick with your product, & reactivate when they're ready.
Antoine Louiset
Co-founder and CTO, Yousign
It is a long road to dominating the entire European union but Chargebee has already done the groundwork. When we make a strategic decision to move into a new region, there is nothing that can delay our expansion.