Revenue Operations with Chargebee

2019 was about enormous growth — both, for us at Chargebee, as well as our customers. As the subscriptions grow, complexities and inefficiencies in the revenue cycle grow in tandem. Businesses that continued to use Chargebee to automate and streamline their revenue operations grew by 60%.
Here’s a summary of 2019 — a guide that outlines how you can use Chargebee to achieve key operational goals while driving efficiency in your revenue operations.
Enable Marketing to Grow Acquisition and Revenue Channels
  1. Influence and Expand Pipeline
    • Pricing Models: Balance value and revenue with volume-based, tiered, and stair-step, flat fee or quantity-based pricing.
    • Personalized engagement: Engage with prospects using customized and contextual email campaigns via MailChimp or HubSpot.
    • Add-on Management: Recommend add-ons for a selected plan, or nominate specific add-ons as mandatory.
  2. Influence Deal Closure
    • Chargebee Moments: Iterate your Checkout, track behaviour using Google Tag Manager, and improve conversions, with almost zero code.
    • Discounts & Coupons: Influence the prospect and nudge them towards buying your product with discounts.
    • Trial Management: Experiment with free, paid, and extended trials so prospects have the opportunity to fall in love with your product.
  3. Increase Word-of-mouth Marketing
    • Gift subscriptions: For consumer-driven SaaS and subscription box businesses, send a gift that keeps on giving, with gift subscriptions.
    • Referral & Affiliate Integrations: Build an army of advocates and referrers with our integrations with ReferralCandy/Refersion/Friendbuy/LeadDyno
  4. Improve Activation
    • Trial without card: Improve conversions and activations right on sign-up by allowing prospects to sign up for a trial with entering their card details.
    • Abandoned carts: Nudge users who drop off at checkout by tracking abandoned carts and sending targeted campaigns.
  5. Offer Freemium Value
    • Freemium: Attract more users to your product, give them good reasons to stay on, and get the word out with virality — all thanks to Freemium.
    • Segmented Email Campaigns: Send guides, resources, and reasons to move upwards in your product with segmented campaigns just to freemium users.
Enable Sales to Close More Deals Faster & Predictably
  1. Bring in Revenue Predictability
    • RevenueStory & Analytics Integration: Track which industries, geographies, plans and even sales reps contribute to the most revenue.
  2. Manage Pipeline and Close Opportunities
    • Salesforce Integration: Spend less time chasing billing teams, and more time closing contracts with Chargebee + Salesforce.
    • Flexible Contracts: Monthly billing, annual contracts, mid-cycle upgrades, custom prices — automate pricing, including pro-rata for every sales scenario.
    • Quotes: Simplify your approval process with Proforma Invoices — let a potential buyer know how much the product will cost before they commit to the purchase.
    • Price override: Custom Pricing with Price Override is the sweet spot between earning a customer and ensuring their pricing demands are met.
  3. Increase Bookings, ARR, MRR, Net New Revenue
    • Quote-to-Cash: Build a quote-to-cash process for your sales team and harness the flexibility of Salesforce to suit your business model, from Chargebee.
    • Add-ons Management: Create new revenue channels by making upselling easier on demand with recurring and non-recurring add-ons.
    • Mid-cycle upgrades: Grow your Expansion MRR by allowing customers to upgrade with accurate proration.
Enable Success to Retain Customers and Revenue Seamlessly
  1. Improve Revenue Retention
    • Smart Dunning: Avoid involuntary revenue leakage with smart payment retries and notifications based on your customer's historical transactional data.
    • Backup payment methods: Don’t let payment failures stop you from collecting payments. Offer alternative payment options as fallback options.
    • Follow-up emails: Send contextual follow-ups to a specific segment, to re-activate trials or send payment reminders optimized for their response time.
    • Pay-Now: Allow one-click payments on unpaid invoices and make it easier for your customers to pay what they owe you.
    • Multiple payment methods: Your customers prefer PayPal over card payments? Or direct debit over PayPal? Allow them to pick from multiple payment methods
  2. Increase Customer Retention
    • Pause Subscription: Give your customers a chance to come back to your product and not churn away, by pausing their subscriptions.
    • Extend Subscription: Is your customer scheduled for renewal? Retain them by automatically nudging them to extend their subscription in a single click.
    • Reactivate Subscription: Help customers reactivate their canceled subscriptions without having to sign up again.
    • Self-service portal: Allow your customers to add, edit, pause, and cancel subscriptions, download invoices, manage payment methods and more.
  3. Enable Account Expansion
    • Helpdesk integrations: Offer your guardians of customers more context to help better in their support conversations
    • Upsells & Cross-sells: Make upsells a breeze by offering add-ons, flexible pricing bundles, and usage-based pricing.
  4. Facilitate Customer Feedback
    • Churn-watch Dashboard (RevenueStory): Get a deeper view and breakdown into your subscription churn with reports including Gross MRR churn, Downgrade and Cancellation MRR, etc., using the Churn-watch dashboard
Streamline Finance Ops to Streamline efficiency and Augment Revenue Growth
  1. Automate Billing Operations
    • Invoice Operations: Apply excess payments, issue credits and refunds, write off/void/delete/re-generate invoices. The options are abundant.
    • Calendar Billing: Offer flexible billing and shipping dates based on signup, with accurate proration, all automatically.
    • Unbilled Charges: Don’t invoice for every new ad-hoc or mid-cycle charge and spam your customers. Instead, add them to unbilled charges.
    • Consolidated Invoicing: Send a Consolidated Invoice with a summary of all charges, for multiple subscriptions of the same customer.
    • Advance Invoices: Allow prepayment by invoicing in advance, ahead of the subscription renewal date.
    • Net-D: Invoice your customers now, let them pay later. Offer Net-D payment terms to customers so they can review outstanding payments.
    • Account Hierarchy: Group customer accounts, typically belonging to one organization, and establish payment and invoicing relationships among them.
  2. Improve Collections Efficiency
    • Revenue Recovery Suite: Maximize revenue opportunities by mitigating the impact of failed recurring payments and automating revenue recovery
  3. Maintain Accurate Bookkeeping
    • Accounting integrations: Streamline your finance operations at scale with Chargebee’s world-class GAAP-compliant Accounting Integrations.
  4. Revenue Management and Reporting
    • Revenue Recognition: Get rid of error-prone, manual revenue recognition with CSV exports and automate ASC 606/IFRS 15 RevRec with Chargebee & Softrax
    • Deferred Revenue Reporting: Calculate the revenue to be recognized right down to the day or millisecond, depending on your billing mode
    • RevenueStory: Set up Finance-watch dashboard in RevenueStory to get a view into A/R Ageing, Revenue Leakage, Gross Cashflow and Payments & Refunds.
  5. Automate Compliance
  6. Achieve Global Scale with Business Expansion
    • Multiple currencies: From the Australian Dollar to Mexican Peso, get paid in 100+ native currencies from anywhere in the world.
    • Multiple languages: Make your customers feel at home by customizing your lifecycle communication in their native language.
    • Global tax: Put an end to messy tax compliance. Automate EU VAT, AU & NZ GST, US/Canada Sales Tax, and everything in between.
    • Multiple Payment Methods: Don't limit yourself to credit cards. Offer flexibility by accepting payments via ACH, Direct Debit, SEPA, offline and more.