# Checkout & Self-serve Portal Settings

Checkout & Self-serve Portal is flexible and customizable in several ways.

For configuring checkout & self-serve portal based on your need, log in to your Chargebee Account and navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal.

# Checkout Settings

You can configure which actions/options should be displayed in Chargebee checkout:

Option Description
Show legal information Toggle to show privacy links in your Checkout page. You can add links for "Privacy" and "Terms & Conditions". You can choose to show the checkbox to get the user's consent or not.
Allow customers to edit quantity for plans and addons Toggle to allow customers to edit the quantity of the plans/addons during checkout.
Allow customers to add/remove addons Toggle to allow customers to add or remove addons linked with the plan.
Allow customers to add/remove coupons Toggle to allow customers to add or remove the coupons applied by default.
Allow customers to access checkout via API only Enable if you do not want the customers to access Checkout page via Drop-in script.
Allow customers to have multiple subscriptions Toggle to allow customers to checkout another subscription using their existing account information.
Allow guest checkout Toggle to allow customers to skip login during checkout. In case of an existing customer, Chargebee creates a new customer instance with a different CustomerID when they check out. This works only when In-app Checkout is integrated using Drop-in script.

You can also disable the Checkout as and when needed. But be informed that when it is disabled, your customers cannot make a purchase through Chargebee's Checkout pages.

# Self-serve Portal Settings

You can configure options to be allowed in Chargebee's Self-Serve Portal for your customers:

Option Description
Customers can access the Self-Serve portal Select the way for your customer to access the Self-Serve Portal:
  • Via Chargebee login (Customer will have to enter their email along with password/OTP)
  • Via API
Allow customers to download invoices Enable to allow customers to view and download their invoices.
Allow customers to change subscriptions
  • Apply subscription changes
  • Allow customers to change plan quantity
  • Allow customers to remove addons
  • Allow customers to add/remove coupons
Toggle to allow your customers to make changes to the subscription.
  • If allowed, when should the subscription changes be implemented:
    • Immediately
    • At end of term
  • Customers can add/remove addons from the subscription and switch between plan. However, if you would like to restrict the plans and addons listed for the customer, you need to add custom code. To enable custom code for your Chargebee site, contact [email protected]
  • Customers are allowed to add or remove coupons from the subscription.
Allow customers to cancel subscriptions
  • Subscription will be canceled
  • Allow customers to provide feedback during cancellation
Toggle to allow customers to cancel subscription using the Portal.
  • If allowed to cancel, when should the subscription be cancelled:
    • Immediately
    • At the end of term
    • End user can choose (from the options above)
  • If allowed to cancel, can your customers provide feedback before canceling.
Allow customers to reactivate canceled subscription Enable to allow your customers to reactivate their subscription after canceling.
Allow customers to remove scheduled changes Customers can remove the changes to the subscription if scheduled to be made at the end of term.

You can also disable the Portal as and when needed. But be informed that when it is disabled, your customers cannot view or access Chargebee's Self-Serve Portal.

# Advanced Settings

Other settings pertaining to the Checkout and Portal can be configured -

Option Description
Hide Zero-Value Line Items Hides the free-of-charge line items during the checkout process through the In-App Checkout and Self-Serve Portal.
Autocomplete addresses Display address suggestion for customers when they start typing. This feature is powered by Google's Address Autocomplete plugin.
Allow customers to add multiple payment methods Customers can add and manage multiple payment methods (Credit Card, PayPal etc).
Skip order cart during checkout Enable if you want to skip showing the cart screen to the customer while completing their checkout.
Keep coupon box open Choose to show the Coupon code text box open or closed during checkout.
Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration Setup plan/addon quantity limits and range to be displayed to your customers. Learn more.
Collect PO number from customers Enable if you want to capture a Purchase Order Number from your customers.

# Field & Text Configurations

# Field configurations

You can customize which sections/attributes should be displayed during checkout,

You can select and arrange fields to be displayed in the Checkout pages and Self-Serve Portal. You can configure properties of each field selected:

  • Show/ Hide
  • Mandatory
  • Optional
  • Hidden Parameter
  • To be copied from Billing/Shipping

# Copy/Text Configuration

You can customize the field labels and messages displayed in the Checkout Pages and Self-Serve Portal.

# Preview

Once you have configured the options, you can preview how the changes reflect in the following -

  • Checkout pages
  • Self-Serve Portal
  • Action pages
    • Pay Now: You can send an email to customers with pending invoices requesting them to make a payment

# Publish Changes

Once the configuration changes are made and reviewed, you can Publish the changes. In case you want to revert the changes, you can Discard the set of changes and configure again.