Beautiful and comprehensive Invoices

Invoices, packed with a plethora of essential information, need to be crystal clear while complying with ever evolving regulations. Chargebee balances elegance with clarity, security & compliance with ease of access. You’ll never have invoice worries again.

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Experiment with pricing

As your product evolves, so does its value. And it's important to try a new pricing strategy while still grandfathering in prices for your existing customers. Chargebee lets you set up flexible pricing bundles, so you can experiment effortlessly to determine what suits your business the best.

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Tread global waters with ease

The nature of your subscription business is truly global. But stepping to a new country would mean worrying about tax, currency and compliance requirements. With Chargebee's array of features (multiple currency support, multilingual and tax profiles) that makes going global simple, expand to a new country in peace.

Support for Multiple currencies

Analyse business metrics that matter

Measuring the health and staying on track with key metrics is essential for a business in any stage. But often, it's all in different places and there's a lot of math to do before you get to what you need. Chargebee crunches all payment information, adds a dose of all other essential data and brings it to you in one stunning dashboard.

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Built-in proration

If a customer switches plans (from monthly to yearly or freemium to paid) in the middle of the billing period, don't be bogged by the math! Chargebee's built-in prorated billing makes sure your customers are charged, just the right amount. Apportion credits for downgrades automatically, thus saving precious hours for your finance team.

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Recover lost revenue

Failed transactions lead to involuntary churn, which is a leaky bucket. Armed with automatic emails and a smart dunning system, Chargebee recovers close to 25% of failed transactions, thus putting more money in your pocket. Send out reminders even to customers paying via wire transfers, checks etc.

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Built for Developers

By providing you a much needed layer of abstraction, and eliminating complexities, Chargebee's API is built to handle all your billing edge cases without messing up your working code. And not to mention the in-depth API documentation, client libraries, and exhaustive webhooks that would just make life simpler!

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