London, Gauthier Soho
London, Gauthier Soho
25 Co-founders, CEOs & Finance Leads joined us in London, for an invite-only session on recurring revenue Pricing & Value Metrics. The evening began with an interactive discussion led by Patrick Campbell, co-founder & CEO of Price Intelligently, moderated by Krish Subramanian, co-founder & CEO of Chargebee.
San Francisco, 
The session was followed by dinner & drinks, curated by Michelin-chef Alexis Gauthier and his team, all in the very heart of London’s bustling Soho district.
  • How growth is changing, and why retention & monetization are now fundamental pillars for growth.
  • Value-based pricing and the revenue impact of aligning your value metric with your pricing strategy.
  • Common revenue-losing pricing strategy errors & how to avoid them.
Patrick Campbell

Cofounder & CEO, Price Intelligently

Krish Subramanian (moderator)

Cofounder & CEO, Chargebee

San Francisco, 
Reece Howe
Director of Finance, Signal Media
It was a great event! Very useful discussion, terrific food and even better company.
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