The SaaS Pricing Series, San Francisco
San Francisco, 25Lusk
Acquisition, Monetisation, Retention. Three strong pillars of subscription growth, that can be leveraged with the right pricing model. The SaaS Pricing Series dove into why monetisation & retention now take center stage in the software and subscription ecosystem, with lessons on designing a pricing strategy that fosters the growth of these two important pillars.
San Francisco, 25Lusk
25 CEOs, CFOs & Finance Leads shared their own experiences with implementing pricing experiments, and exchanged ideas with other subscription companies in the valley.
  • How growth is changing, and why retention & monetization are now fundamental pillars for growth.
  • The microeconomic impact of improving growth holistically through acquisition, monetization & retention.
  • Designing value-based pricing that caters to target buyer personas and retains customers.
Patrick Campbell

Cofounder & CEO, Price Intelligently

Krish Subramanian (moderator)

Cofounder & CEO, Chargebee

San Francisco, 25Lusk
Susan Akbarpour
Founder & CEO, Mavatar
Unique topic, knowledgeable speaker, excellent turnout - I will be glad to attend Chargebee’s next event. Far exceeded my expectations.
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