FEBRUARY 23, 9:00AM-12:00PM PST

2020 redefined consumer buying behavior. Today, more people are buying online and are subscribed to more things than ever before. Join us at SubCommNxt to connect virtually with experts leading the D2C revolution and find out what's working for them now, as well as insights into what's coming next.

Opening Keynote | 9:00 AM-9:40 AM PST

D2C Mechanics for Established Brands

Paul Jarrett

Co-founder & CEO, Bulu

The D2C revolution disrupts every link in the retail value chain, from product creation and distribution to revenue and engagement. Paul is a subscription leader who has has helped brands like Disney and GNC to run successful subscription programs. Join us as he discusses strategies to win the D2C model.

Panel Discussion | 9:45 AM-10:25 AM PST

Rethinking the Buyer Experience for the D2C Era

Tim Mason

CEO, Eagle Eye

Omar Nawaz

CPO, Chargebee

Trevor Williams

CMO, Hawke Media

Aditya Basu

Strategy & Marketing, Born Group

While D2C leads the way for stronger customer connections, profitability isn't a given because different segments engage in different ways - buy-now, subscribe, pay-now, pay-later, pay-less, in-app, web, in-store. And more the ways, more the friction. How do you craft a winning buyer experience? Get the playbook from business leaders of top digital agencies and platforms.

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Panel Discussion | 10:30 AM-11:10 AM PST

Seizing Opportunities in the New Commerce Landscape

Kristen LaFrance

Head of Resilient Retail, Shopify

Vikram Bhaskaran

Sr. Director Marketing, Chargebee

Consumer shopping behaviors are changing. During 2020, 40% of Americans purchased from a D2C brand online. Join us as product leaders from fast-growth D2C brands discuss strategies to leverage this new opportunity and turn it into predictable revenue.

Closing Notes and Networking | 11:15 AM-12:00 PM PST

Open Floor

Get to know the people pushing ahead the future of subscriptions in e-commerce. We've made the setting less moderated and more personal so you get to decide - ask questions or make it a casual chat.