We're here to enable you to build a globally relevant recurring revenue business and we've always got your back as you go about doing it.

Our vision is backed by two amazing investors who have helped build many global brands. We are proud to be associated with Accel Partners and Tiger Global, who're helping us build the best Subscription Billing Platform out there.

Krish SubramanianKrish Subramanian
Champion of Rhetorical Tour-de-force
Irregular Cyclist. Jettisons jargon out of legalese in seconds. Has an undying love for his vernacular. Has sworn allegiance to rules of the road and has a disdain for road rash stalwarts. Lets the camera capture his playful side every once in a while.
Krish Subramanian
KP SaravananKP Saravanan
The Unwavering Point Guard
Proud Hog. Tinkerer. Hates Cliches as much as Eskimos hate buying ice. Considers pocket squares & windsor knots a senseless waste of human time. Adept at the esoteric art of motorcycle maintenance. Dives into rational odysseys to interpret the intricate nuances of almost everything.
KP Saravanan
Rajaraman SRajaraman S
Zen Master of Cool
Most approachable lad around. Gourmand. Has an elegant outlook towards most going-ons of life. Collector of Metropolis-esque hollywood classics. Has a flair for sophisticated vagabonding over the weekends. Counters funny stuff with an arsenal of Noonsenses and Raascals.
Rajaraman S
The Dude
Exists in the intersection of dudeism and nerdery. Living antithesis to the startup rulebook. Frequents a whimsical state of mind that has a hue of a quiet infant hulk. Extracted the life out his last bike's life.
Ajit VermaAjit Verma
Last Messiah of the Hermit Monks
Problem Sniper. Runs on Al Reefs. Digs cinematic depictions of the prohibition era. Scrutinizes the worth of get-togethers that lack the hard stuff, with a grain of salt, and a beer can.
Ajit Verma
Akash SharmaAkash Sharma
Primaire Patriarch of Polysemic Head Nods
Cheese-o-maniac. Fervid raconteur. Sesquipedalian. Known to have 646 interpretations for the word 'run'. Eviscerates cinema's dregs for delectation. Often mistaken for a bollywood actor.
Akash Sharma
Anusha MurthyAnusha Murthy
8th Sage of Broism
Educator. Wanderer. Empirical Dough Puncher. Considers driving anything above 4.953 Km/Hr as ungodly.
Anusha Murthy
Aravind SisupalanAravind Sisupalan
The Maltese Guzzler
Closet Romantic. Chetta man in the house. Spits out high octave couplets in his conversations. Productive dancer, once tried his legs at moonwalking and ended up with a martial art of his own.
Aravind Sisupalan
Aslam BabuAslam Babu
The Majesty of Conspicuous Walks
Ardent learner. Night owl. Can survive on one idli a day. Has a movie dialogue for every situation.
Aslam Babu
Balaji JayaramanBalaji Jayaraman
The Nirvanic Reckless Memory Bandit
Chess whiz. Curator of contemporary Tamil lyrics. Has a superhuman ability to dodge the paradox of choice. Extremely Impulsive buyer. Thinks that physical movement is for the flinstones, considers elevators a divine invention.
Balaji Jayaraman
Chitra LakshmananChitra Lakshmanan
The Incessant Whisperer
Ultra focused. Digs Tinker Bell. Surprises people with random gifts. Diagnoses most ailments herself and then smirks at Doctors who agree with her. Has tried most seafood out there and can still survive as a fruitarian.
Chitra Lakshmanan
Arch Apostle of Idleness
Gamer. Serious pigment composer. Pillages eCommerce stores in his spare time. Hadoukens design problems from his beanbag.
Gayathri SachidanandamGayathri Sachidanandam
Maestro of Hypersonic Utterance
Dynamo at work. Ace at any sport imaginable. Lifelong Zealot of Tamil Literature. Perpetrator of numerous shuttlecock disappearances. Doesn't like fish that looks like fish.
Gayathri Sachidanandam
Joe DanielJoe Daniel
The Stealth Comic
Uber listener. Owner of a killer smirk. Believes in brevity with both spoken and written word. Smitten by all sorts of shoes.
Joe Daniel
Karthikeyan SKarthikeyan S
Impersonator in Chief
Nocturnal badminton ace. Chess rookie in the making. Whacks his chin with carefully measured blows to solve problems.
Karthikeyan S
Praveen FrancisPraveen Francis
Sergeant-at-arms of Cathodic Portraiture
Is rumored to have a mastered the Imperius Curse. Devours wagon vade mecums and all forms of instructional literature. Digs Jeremy Clarkson's humor infused motor-mouth maxims and his drives that descent into desolation.
Praveen Francis
Ramkumar LakshmananRamkumar Lakshmanan
Sultan of The Skeptics
First rate observer. Can spot the last grain of sand that topples a sand structure. Has an ingrained contrary opinion, can look at the other side of almost everything, could question the works of Dali, Scorsese and Kahneman at the same time.
Ramkumar Lakshmanan
Sambavi AnandSambavi Anand
The Rapping Nightingale
Carnatic Singer. Suitor of spicy cuisine. Architect of humdrum advice. Sole proprietor of a tangerine communication device.
Sambavi Anand
Sanjay SudhakarSanjay Sudhakar
Powder Keg of Loud Pastel Hues
Fervent communicator. Has a burgeoning collection of shades. Believes that he's Zeus's incarnation on earth. A drone carrying Mokka jokes strikes him everyday at quarter past two.
Sanjay Sudhakar
Earl of Indecision
Marathon non-veg eater. Avid cricket fan. Instant conversationalist. Comes up with witty remarks on the go. Can gently transform into an intimidating mimicry artist.
Maverick Leader of the Head Scratching Clan
Can dabble effortlessly with most computing languages. Has mastered 79 different forms of afternoon naps. Listens to music that's so ridiculously loud that his ears had to develop their own earbuds.
The Tony Soprano of Inherently Laid-back Folks
Boxed at school. Aspiring Sniper. Once travelled to Mars to have the Deimos Chicken Fried Waffles. Believes that all species of insects are constantly conspiring against him.
Vaibhav PorwalVaibhav Porwal
Captain Gregarious
Joy brewer. Dance-phile. Food lover. Weekend escape artist. Has an ongoing rivalry with all dynasties of rice. Stares down most code errors to death.
Vaibhav Porwal
Parthiban RParthiban R
Purveyor of Muddled Thoughts
Has mastered buoyancy. Eats a frozen dessert as a post lunch ritual. Turns into a self-obsessed Zohan Dvir every 4.5 minutes.
Parthiban R


It was the summer of 2011. That's when it all began. That's when the metaphorical light bulb went off. That's when the minds of the four founders were called upon to inquire their respective journeys in life.

But often, in the world's most crowded streets,
But often, in the din of strife,
There rises an unspeakable desire
After the knowledge of our buried life;

Matthew Arnold

The Apartment

Good old camaraderie has its place in our founding. And its breeding ground was Rajaraman's apartment, #C6 Cee-Dee-Yes.

Thiyagu had quit his job in January and was on a self-imposed sabbatical to figure out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, was sharing the same apartment.

KPS had worked with Thiyagu and Rajaraman for years, and Krish had known Rajaraman from college days. Amid the after-work banter and cappuccinos, the apartment became a mecca of idea exchange for friends.

Serendipitous connections were made. Friends became sounding boards. Benevolent thrashing of countless ideas ensued.

An idea stuck and it's potential impact became increasingly clear.

After working on various global SaaS products for years, they understood that SaaS is here is to stay. And every SaaS & recurring revenue business was building an additional crucial component to manage billing and subscriptions.

Billing, Payments, security, error handling & invoicing make up for back stage work that requires time, attention and technical rigor, and is a real pain.

Saravanan (KPS), Rajaraman, and Krish also quit their jobs, and took the plunge along with Thiyagu.

They set out to build a service that business owners could trust, that could simplify the complexities and let them focus on growing their businesses.

On June 15 2011, Chargebee was founded.


[Image: Krish]

Krish Subramanian

[Image: KPS]


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Accel Partners is a venture capital firm that has been dedicated for over 25 years to supporting entrepreneurs who possess the unique insight to define new categories and build world-class technology companies.

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Tiger Global is a global investment firm that deploys capital in two businesses - private equity partnerships and public equity funds. Tiger Global's private equity partnerships have ten-year horizons and invest in growth companies in the global Internet and technology sectors.

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