The Beginning

It always starts with something small: A tweet, an article, a link or an image. Soon you're sucked into an internet black hole and countless hours on the web later you realise that you're not any closer to completing your to-do list.

By allowing netizens to block sites that distract them from getting more deep work done, Freedom is helping people win their focus back.

Fred Stutzman wrote the first version of Freedom back in 2008 when he wanted to keep himself away from distracting sites. Freedom has today evolved into a popular distraction blocker that is used by over 450,000 people around the world.

Perils of scaling: The Challenge

With the advent of mobile phones, the world started spending more time on mobile devices than desktop. Naturally, they were getting more distracted.

Although they had a desktop solution, they decided to launch an integrated, multi-device distraction blocking platform in 2015. Rather than charge by device, they now covered all devices for a low subscription fee.

With Stripe as their payment gateway, they built a simple integration which would help them manage their subscriptions.

But at their scale, it wasn't long before they ran into problems.

Although they loved using Stripe, they realised it wasn't built to handle all that they needed to scale their business and achieve the trajectory they wanted to.

Some of their problems included: Offering multiple payment methods, having a better view of their numbers, syncing to their accounting system, a self-serve subscription management option for their customers, among others.

They realised they had to build a lot of these features on Stripe, and it was clear that it wasn't the best use of their time.

The decision process and the switch: Why Chargebee?

They began an extensive search for a third party billing solution which would work with Stripe and handle all these for them. They made a matrix of all their feature requirements, to zero down on one solution.

We didn't have another choice, we never had to choose between Chargebee and another provider. Chargebee was the clear winner. There were other enterprise solutions which weren't consumer focussed and that was a strict no for us.

Fred Stutzman

CEO, Freedom

They had a light integration using Chargebee's PCI compliant hosted pages. This was followed by a deeper integration into the application, sometime later. They had multiple thousand subscriptions which were also ported into Chargebee without much hassle.

The Benefits

Moving to Chargebee has streamlined their billing and payment ops in many ways, according to Freedom. Here are some of the highlights.

Additional Payment Options
In addition to credit card, Freedom was able to open up to more customers with options like PayPal and Amazon. This was a huge win in their perspective because as a consumer focused business which was international, it was important to offer more payment choices for customers.
Coupon Codes
The ability to give out discounts wasn't easy with Stripe. They had to build a custom discount management system if they had to distribute coupon codes often. But with Chargebee they were able to create and manage coupons effortlessly. This was powerful in improving their conversions, Fred adds.
Improved checkout quality
Freedom switched their checkout process with Chargebee's PCI compliant hosted pages. This boosted their conversions.
Self management for subscriptions
Freedom doesn't have to deal with managing their customers' subscriptions anymore. The optimized process with Chargebee's self service portal for customers, lets their customers manage their own subscriptions.
Metrics & Data
Phil, the marketing head at Freedom loves Chargebee's metrics dashboard and the exports. "If I can't find something that I'm looking for, I just request the Chargebee team and they're quick with the report that I need", says Phil.
Chargebee has easily contributed to a third of our conversions. They've truly helped us open up to the global market, and drastically reduced our development cycles.

Fred Stutzman

CEO, Freedom

Buy, don't build

Freedom is a small but focussed team, clear on their mission to create a positive change. They are determined to help you get your attention back. Asked why they chose a third party provider despite having a strong technical team, Fred says:

You build with Ruby on Rails because you want to take advantage of the beautiful eco-system that's there, by not having to build things yourself. The same applies to billing. Unless you have expertise in the space and are aware of security risks & infrastructure needs, do not set out to build your own billing. It's not an efficient use of your time. If you want volume, focus on your core competency.

Fred Stutzman

CEO, Freedom

Smart teams like Freedom use Chargebee to manage their subscriptions without having to reinvent the wheel.

If you would like to reclaim your lost attention and focus better, try Freedom.