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Hosted Payment Pages

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Stripe Subscriptions

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About the Company

Justin Lawrence started Oklahoma Shirt Company (OSC) in 2012, celebrating the Oklahoma based sports teams and the Oklahoma Proud spirit. Owing to the theme, the team sends out a unique shirt each month to the Subscribers.

The Problem:

Justin started OSC with Stripe to manage Subscriptions and process payments.

OCS used spreadsheets to manage their customer preferences and shipping details while managing the customer payments and card information through Stripe. The shipping labels have to be generated based on successful customer payments and any unpaid Subscription requires a different follow-up cycle.

OSC’s core team was spending several hours each week, to manage this data along with follow-ups. As in any eCommerce Subscription business, balancing a growing customer base and accurate delivery was a challenge.

They set out to look for an automated way to manage recurring billing and simplify their operations.

Migrating to Chargebee:

When we talk about billing system migrations, there is always fear of mistakes that could affect customer relationship. Chargebee has a detailed process that breaks down the migration process into logical steps, with checkpoints to ensure a smooth transition.

Justin & OSC team’s attention to detail, to review accuracy of migrated data was crucial for successful migration.

As a best practice, we implemented the new customer onboarding flow before migration, for a smooth transition to new system.

OSC continues to use Stripe as the payment processor, while subscriptions are managed in Chargebee.

The Solution:

With Chargebee, OSC is able to collect all the required customer information such as shipping details, other customer preferences and store it all in one place. They also have the option to export all the customer information as CSV, making order management easy, saving them a lot of time.

Benefits Summary: