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API integration

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Ruby on Rails

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“Working with Chargebee to implement our billing system has been a pleasure. Their APIs and documentation are clear and easy to work with and their support team is excellent. They have been very responsive to suggestions and feature requests.” - David Henderson

About the Company

Triggered Messaging was founded in 2011 by brothers Mike and Pete Austin, with a shared vision of making real-time marketing simpler, cheaper and more effective.

Real-time data is collected as the customer shops and used to understand their interests. Real-time multi-channel personalization by web and email drives increased sales. Highly personalized triggered messages that reduce cart abandonment, boost sales and encourage repeat custom are sent. The system fully integrates with existing email marketing systems, making it easy for eCommerce shops to adopt Triggered Messaging without changing their existing marketing systems.

The Problem:

As a SaaS company, Triggered Messaging was on the lookout for a recurring billing solution that could handle a versatile pricing model with multiple currencies with API (Application Programmable Interface).

Here are a few major requirements:

The Solution:

Triggered messaging chose to integrate with Chargebee using Ruby on Rails driving the API.

Triggered Messaging as a EU business, complies with all the EU-VAT [European Union Value Added Tax] regulation requirements in their country. They collect the VAT information of customers during checkout and Chargebee takes care of verification of VAT number using VIES [VAT Information Exchange System] and the applicability of VAT specific to the customer.

Triggered Messaging was one of the early customers of Chargebee and their accounting team was a great help, in providing inputs to implement all the invoice changes required on the platform to comply with specific needs of EU.

Triggered Messaging also uses multiple payment options to their customers and Chargebee provides one platform to manage their Accounts Receivable information including card & Invoice Billing information in one place.

Benefits Summary: