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Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals.

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing tool that gets you more customers by incentivizing referrals. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing for your products and services.

In a refer-a-friend campaign,

  • A REFERRER/ADVOCATE recommends a product/service to a friend inviting them to buy
  • A FRIEND may purchase the product/service based on recommendation from the referrer

Why Referral Campaigns

  • People seek recommendations from friends and family
  • Recommendations are reinforced by widespread usage of social media
  • Customers are prompted to enter a dual incentive (money, product or service, loyalty points, early access, swag etc.)
  • Merchants can track the shares, leverage the best platforms for better outreach and build brand awareness

The Chargebee - ReferralCandy integration helps you track referral purchases, apply discount when a friend purchases and add Account Credits to the Referrer's customer account automatically.

  • This feature is available only in selected plans. To know more, visit Chargebee's Plans and Pricing   page.
  • The feature is available on request basis, please contact [email protected]  to get this feature enabled
  • Referral URL based referral campaigns can only be set up. Your customers cannot share a Referral code to their friends for gaining the discount.
  • Account/ Promotional credits is only supported as part of the Referral reward


  • Currency of the Referral reward should match the base currency in your Chargebee site. If you have multiple currencies, then the reward currency should match at least one of the currencies in Chargebee.
  • You need to sign up for a ReferralCandy account. When you sign up, select platform type as ‘Custom' and proceed with the account registration process.

Steps to Configure 

Step 1: Configure Referral Reward in ReferralCandy

For your referral program, you can choose to reward referrers who get new customers onboard successfully.

a. Login to your ReferralCandy account
b. Configure Referral reward: Select the reward type as ‘CUSTOM'. You can configure, say, $10 account credits to be added to the referrer's account. Chargebee will add this as Account or Promo Credits automatically. The credits will be used in the next renewal. Read more about Promo Credits in Chargebee.

If you select Coupon/ Cash, you should manage the creation and distribution of reward manually

  • COUPON - You can create single/multi use coupons and distribute the coupons to the Referrers
  • CASH - You can link the PayPal account and manage payout to the referrers

c. Continue with configuring Referral Reward criteria in ReferralCandy.

  • Select a currency, ensure the currency matches a currency configured in Chargebee
  • You can setup the Reward to be applied after ‘x' days - Based on this configuration, Chargebee will apply the referral reward after the delay period is complete
  • Reward will be applied on Friend's 1st purchase only, Other options such as Friend's 2nd or 3rd purchase etc is not supported.
  • Chargebee runs a check every 24hrs to retrieve the list of approved Referral rewards to be applied

Step 2: Configure Discount Coupon in Chargebee

  • Login to Chargebee
  • Create a discount coupon which you want to provide to the Referrer's friends when the friend checks out successfully
  • This coupon can be configured for multiple use purpose in case you are running a site-wide campaign

Read about how to setup Coupons in Chargebee.


Chargebee supports creation of coupon codes in bulk. But these are one-time use only coupons. Multi-use coupon sets are not supported.
Read more about managing bulk coupon codes.

Step 3: Configure campaign details in Chargebee

Enter the campaign configuration details in Chargebee

Attribute Description
APP ID ReferralCandy APP ID (navigate to My Profile > Plugin Tokens section)
API Access ID ReferralCandy API Access ID (navigate to My Profile > Plugin Tokens section)
API Secret Key ReferralCandy APP Secret Key (navigate to My Profile > Plugin Tokens section)
Campaign Destination URL Enter the destination URL where users should land at
Referral Reward Type Reward to be applied for the Referrer/Advocates. Select 'Custom' if you want Account/Promo credits to be applied automatically. Select 'None' if you want to manage the rewards on your own (via Coupons or PayPal cash payout)
Referral Reward Amount Enter the credits to be applied (in case you selected 'Custom Referrer Reward')
Friend Reward Type Discount/ coupon applied when a Friend makes a purchase. Select 'Coupon' if you want Chargebee to apply a coupon automatically. Select 'None' if you do not want to apply a reward
Friend Reward Coupon Select a coupon as created in Chargebee (if you have selected 'Coupon' as a Friend Reward Type)
Post Purchase Referral Widget Enabling this will display the Referral Share widget in Chargebee's hosted Thank you page
Applicable Plans Select a plan for which you want to enable referral benefits. Select 'ALL' if you want to run the campaign across all plans. Else select a specific plan to which you want to run the referral campaign for
  • After providing the configuration details in Chargebee, you will receive a URL.

Click on Generate URL. Chargebee will generate a link. Copy the link and proceed.


Step 4: Configure Friend Reward in ReferralCandy

  • Once you have configured the campaign details in Chargebee, you will receive a URL
  • Copy the URL and paste it in the Promo Link field in ReferralCandy while configuring the Friend Offer
  • Provide a description and save the changes

Configuration is now complete.

You can see how the referral checkout and rewards are applied when friends sign up via Referral URL in the next section.

Referral Candy Commissions 

As part of this integration, when a customer purchases a subscription plan, Chargebee posts the invoice value as a successful purchase value to ReferralCandy. Based on this value, Referral Candy identifies the Referrer's commission and Referral Candy's commission. Referral Candy has a commission system where it charges for 3 consecutive transactions from a referral sign up.

If you are running a business which sells prepaid plans, such as e-commerce subscriptions, you may want Chargebee to post a successful purchase to Referral Candy for each order rather than the whole invoice (which has multiple orders). Contact [email protected]  to have this change configured in Chargebee. This requires that orders be enabled in Chargebee.

Referral & Friend Rewards in Action 

Let's simulate a referral checkout and see how the rewards are applied:

Test Referral Campaign:
Friend gets 5% off on signing up via a referral link
Referrer gets $5 credit when a friend subscribes successfully

  1. A customer signs up and views the sharing details. Chargebee will show the share widget automatically in the hosted thank you page. Customer shares the referral URL with a friend(s).

  2. Friend receives the Referral link and chooses to sign up. Let's assume that you have setup a discount offer, say 5% discount as a Friend offer. Chargebee will apply the discount automatically

  3. Once the friend purchases successfully, the referrer/advocate will receive the $5 credit automatically added to their account


Chargebee will show the Referral link in the Customer/ Self care portal.
So users can login at any time and share the URL with their friends.



  • Referral URL based referral campaigns can only be set up. Your customers cannot share a Referral code to their friends for gaining the discount.
  • Reward will be applied on Friend's 1st purchase only, other options such as Friend's 2nd or 3rd purchase etc is not supported. It is because if the Friend cancels one of the subscriptions, ReferralCandy cancels all the subscriptions.
  • You cannot reward the advocate a percentage of the friend's subscription amount
  • Referral URL is not present as a mail merge field.


If a plan includes Trial period, will the Referrer/advocate receive the reward on Trial sign-up?

Chargebee notifies ReferralCandy only when payments are successful.
If the plan contains a Trial period, then Chargebee will not notify immediately, but only when the customer converts from Trial to Paid subscription.

The current flow explains how a new customer can sign up and share the Referral URL with their friends. How should I (as a merchant) share referral links with my existing customers?

You can share referral links with your existing customers in two ways:

  1. ReferralCandy Invite Advocates : With the help of ‘Invite Advocates feature' in ReferralCandy, you can send bulk mails or individual emails to your customers. Refer this page  to know more
  2. Email Opt-In widget : You can use this feature if your platform allows insertion of HTML/JavaScript snippet. Refer this page  to know more

When will the referrer/advocate receive the discount or credit?

Assume you have setup a reward delay of 10 days, then Chargebee will apply the reward after 10 days. ReferralCandy has a default delay of 6 hrs. In case you have not setup a delay, Chargebee will apply the referral reward after the default delay.

Chargebee checks every 24 hrs for a list of rewards to be applied and applies the credits.

I'm using multiple Chargebee sites. How can I manage the referral campaign across accounts?

If you have multiple sites in Chargebee, you should sign up for multiple ReferralCandy accounts. You can then perform the configuration process for each Chargebee site.

What measures are put in place to detect fraudulent signups?

ReferralCandy has in-built fraud detection measures to track and prevent deceitful activities. Read more about ReferralCandy's fraud prevention measures .

Why am I unable to see the referrer being recognised for some or most of the purchases?

ReferralCandy use in-built fraud detection measures to track and prevent deceitful activities. If the referrer is not detected for your customers' purchase, then the purchase might not have gone through ReferralCandy's fraud prevention measures.

I see that my referral purchases are getting tracked in ReferralCandy, but it takes a lot of time for the referrals to be attributed to a referrer. Why?

ReferralCandy has a default delay of around 4-6 hours for attributing a referrer to a referral purchase. If you would like to reduce this delay for testing purposes, please reach out to ReferralCandy support and keep Chargebee support in the loop.

Why do I see incorrect referrers being attributed to some of the referral purchases in ReferralCandy while testing?

If you are using the same device and same browser to test out your referral purchases, ReferralCandy will always attribute the purchase to the advocate, whose referral URL was loaded the very first time in the browser. Please use the browser in ‘Incognito' mode for your testing purposes to get around this problem.

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