Apple Pay 


Apple Pay is a digital wallet and a mobile payment method that enables users to save their credit or debit card details and allows them to make payments using their Apple devices.

With digital wallets becoming the most sought-after payment method to make online transactions, Apple Pay is becoming a popular option amongst retailers.

Chargebee now allows you to accept payments via Apple Pay on the web. As long as Apple Pay is the default payment method, it is used to collect recurring payments. The merchant can enable or disable the preferred payment method whenever required.

Read more about making purchases using Apple Pay  .

Set up Apple Pay 

You need to configure Apple Pay in your payment gateway before configuring it in Chargebee.


Merchants can use Apple Pay only if they have Stripe, Braintree, or Adyen configured in their site.

  1. Stripe
    Learn more about integrating Stripe into your Chargebee site.

    Follow the instructions here   to configure Apple Pay in Stripe. Merchants using Stripe can accept Apple Pay in all the countries where Apple Pay is accepted.

  2. Adyen
    Learn more about integrating Adyen into your Chargebee site.

    Follow the instructions here . You can also find additional compatibility guidelines here  .

  3. Braintree
    Learn more about integrating Braintree into your Chargebee site.

    Follow the instructions here  to configure Apple Pay in Braintree. Merchants using Braintree can accept Apple Pay from customers in the countries mentioned here .

    Learn more about integrating into your Chargebee site.

    Follow the instructions here .

Process Apple Pay transactions via Chargebee 

Chargebee supports Apple Pay via API and Hosted pages.

Via Chargebee API 

Refer to the following API documentation for more information:

Via hosted Pages 

Review the following links for additional information about processing Apple Pay transactions via Hosted Pages for each payment gateway.

  1. For Stripe, learn more .

  2. For Braintree, learn more .

  3. For Adyen, learn more .

  4. For, learn more

Checkout with Apple Pay 


Currently, we do not support Apple Pay via drop-in script based integration for Checkout.

Now, The checkout page now lists Apple Pay among the payment methods.

Your customers can now see Apple Pay listed amongst the payment methods on the checkout page.

The customer clicks on the Pay button to proceed with the transaction.

On choosing to pay with Apple Pay, a payment sheet with card details along with the line items displays allowing the customer to proceed with the payment. The customer must authorize the purchase via the authorization methods set in their Apple devices such as passcode or Touch ID.

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