Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration 


Microsoft Dynamics GP(formerly Great Plains) is accounting software that has applications for financial management, field service, business intelligence, collaboration, and compliance. Chargebee syncs invoice data with MS Dynamics GP using Workato recipes and Integration manager to help merchants manage their accounts.

Workato has an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with user-friendly consumer apps, enabling users to build workflow automation quickly. This integration is made possible by:

  • Workato recipes export the Chargebee data using Chargebee API and export files in the MS Dynamics GP machine. A recipe is an automated workflow that connects your apps. Each workflow might involve one or more recipes and assets associated with the recipes. In Chargebee, these recipes are used eventually to integrate Workato with MS Dynamics GP.
  • Integration Manager imports Chargebee data exported by Workato recipes from a specific location and syncs the Invoice data to MS Dynamics GP.


Listed here are the prerequisites required at the merchant site:

  • The merchant should have a Workato account with import recipe access.
  • Recipe lifecycle management options(Export and import) should be available in the account.
  • Integration manager access is mandatory for the integration to work.
  • Make sure you have set up the FTP server in your GP machine with passive mode enabled.
  • The merchant must create a custom field called GP Customer ID in the subscriptions to map it with GP customer ID.

Setting up Workato 

To set up the Workato and create a recipe in the merchant, follow the prerequisites mentioned above.

Importing a Recipe 

Recipes for the MS Dynamics GP integration.

Recipe Name Actions
Export Chargebee data for MS GP Main recipe to schedule exports and generate CSVs. Note: While using the export API, Workato restricts the zip/CSV file size to 50 MB. The CSV file processor has a limit of 50000 lines for specific actions.
Export Product Catalog Schedule exports for Plans, Addons, and Coupons
Download Exports Generate download link for exports

The target folder Integration Manager should be created manually in GP Machine as workato FTP does not have folder creation access.

Setting up the Integration Manager 

A Sales Transaction integration is required for syncing Chargebee data to GP using Integration manager. Chargebee will share this Integration with the merchants.

Workflow of MS Dynamics GP Integration 

This workflow represents how Chargebee Invoice data is synced with the MS Dynamics GP.

Mapping fields between Chargebee and MS Dynamics GP 

This section helps you understand the objects and field mapping between Chargebee and MS Dynamics GP.

Invoice Mapping 

Chargebee Invoice data is mapped to MS Dynamics GP customers with the following supported actions.

Source Entity - Chargebee Invoice

Supported Actions - Update for existing customers and plans in GP

Unsupported Actions - Create a new customer

The following table provides information on Invoice mapping between Chargebee and MS Dynamics GP:

GP Target Field CB Source Field
Document number Invoice Number
Date Invoice Date
Amount Amount

The merchant uses custom fields to map Chargebee data to MS Dynamics GP. Chargebee invoice data is mapped to GP customers using the subscription custom field GP customer ID.

MS Dynamics GP Target Field CB Source Field
GP customer ID subscriptions.cf_gp_customer_id
  • Update the mapping CSV files in the MS Dynamics GP machine for mapping the Chargebee entity
    • Chargebee Subscription to the MS Dynamics GP Customers
    • Chargebee Plan to MS Dynamics GP item number
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