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Mobile In-App Purchases 

The increasing popularity of mobile apps has led to the rise of In-app purchases (IAP) and In-app subscriptions (IAS). In addition to the discovery of a new customer base, it offers a new revenue stream with immense potential. However, this also means that you need to use each mobile app store's offering for selling subscriptions, and this can lead to fragmented data silos. This also means the dependence on the standalone solutions on offer from the app stores to manage your in-app purchases and recurring billing.

Our Mobile In-App Purchases feature is designed to unify the subscription management data into Chargebee by allowing you to connect your mobile app store accounts with your Chargebee site. This feature highlights the following benefits:

  • Track subscription data across multiple platforms
    You are required to use different platforms for selling subscriptions. Our integration solution offers you a 'single source of truth' via a dashboard for all your subscription data across platforms.
  • Keep in-app subscription data in sync
    As subscription events occur in the mobile app stores, they will be synced over into your Chargebee site.
  • Business Analytics
    The fragmented revenue data across multiple platforms make the analysis cumbersome and error-prone. Our consolidated approach to subscription data across platforms helps you create a revenue story that is accurate and insightful.

How does this work? 

Chargebee currently supports integration with Apple's App Store and will shortly build an integration with the Google Play Store. The integration is designed by Chargebee to sync with your mobile app store and this integration involves connecting Chargebee with your app store account to utilize the in-app receipts to accomplish the following:

  • Create Customer, Plan, Subscription, Invoice and Transaction data as required

  • Keep the data up-to-date if server notifications are configured

  • Data flow into Chargebee's platform capabilities like reporting, APIs, webhooks, emails, etc.

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