Managing Subscriptions 


Chargebee: Subscriptions App enables you to sell products or services to your customers on a recurring basis. Your customers purchase the products when you add a subscription plan and display them by publishing the subscription widget to your store theme. The app gives you the functionality to view and manage all your customers' subscriptions, orders, shipping and payment method easily from the Subscriptions page.

It provides you with the following information specific to a subscription:

  • Subscription details including subscription status, subscription date, and billing date.
  • Product details containing the product name, quantity, and amount.
  • Customer's details including customer name and billing frequencies.
  • Order history including the order ID, fulfilment status, and billing date.
  • Shipping address and payment details.

To view all your customers and associated subscription details, navigate to the Subscriptions tab from the navigation at the top of the app.

Subscription Status 

The subscription details page in the Chargebee App displays subscription details along with their status. The following are various statuses of a subscription:

Active: When customers are charged based on the defined subscription plan and billing frequencies, the subscription status appear as "Active" state.

Canceled: The subscriptions that will no longer renew and subsequent orders will not be scheduled. A subscription can be canceled anytime after the fulfilment of the first order.

For more information, see canceling a subscription.

Viewing Subscriptions, Orders, and Customers 

When a customer purchases a product on a subscription plan, then the order is created by Shopify and displayed under the Subscriptions tab in the app. The orders are also created in the Orders module of your Shopify admin page. The app provides you with a consolidated view of all your customers' subscriptions and order details in a single page. You can view all of your customers' subscription details, subscription status, billing and next order date, from the Subscriptions tab in the app.

Each subscription recorded in the Subscriptions includes the following detail:

  • Subscription Status: Status of a subscription that tells whether or not the subscription is active or canceled.
  • Subscription ID: A system-generated unique ID that is assigned to a new subscription whenever it is created.
  • Customer Info: Details about a customer, who subscribes to a specific plan and purchases the products on a recurring basis. It displays the customer's name, email, and shipping address that have been entered by the customer during checkout.
  • Created On: The date on which the customer subscribes to a subscription plan and purchases the product. It also represents the billing period that starts immediately after the subscription is created.
  • Next Order: This indicates when the next order will be billed and delivered to your customer. The next order will be attempted based on your customer's subscription contract.

Viewing Subscription Details 

To view the subscription details, as well as associated order and payment details for a customer, click the subscription ID on the Subscription page. The subscription details page gives you detailed information of a particular subscription where you can access the subscription details such as subscription status, creation date, next order details, shipping address, and so on.

Additionally, you can manage the subscription for a customer by canceling the subscription and updating the payment details m from the Shopify admin page.

On the subscription details page, you can take the following actions for a particular subscription:

Components of Subscription Details Page 

When you click a subscription ID in the Subscriptions page, it opens the corresponding subscription details page that contains information related to the customer's subscription and order details. Once a customer subscribes to a specific plan, an instance of the subscription record will be created in Subscriptions along with the product record that customer purchased, such as order history associated to the subscription, payment method used in the billing, and shipping details.

The components of the Subscription details page are categorized based on the following information displayed on the page.

Subscription Details 

When a customer subscribes to a specific plan to purchase a product from your Shopify store, a subscription record is created in Subscriptions. Further expanding the subscription displays the subscription ID, subscription status, creation date, as well as the next billing date that indicates when the customer will be charged for subsequent subscription plans based on the selected plan frequency. Learn more about creating the subscription plans and frequencies .

Product Details 

The list of products that a customer has subscribed to purchase on a recurring basis. It also displays the quantity and price details of the product for every order in a subscription plan.

Customer Details 

When a new customer subscribes to a plan, an instance of subscription record is created in Subscriptions along with the customer's details. The subscription details page displays the customers' details along with the customer name and billing frequency set for the subscription.

When a customer subscribes to a plan and places an order through Shopify checkout, a customer profile is also created in Shopify admin. You can access additional details about the customer by clicking the customer's name under Overview section in the Subscriptions details page. From the customer details page, you can manage the customer profile by updating the customer details, managing shipping addresses, adding taxes, configuring payment methods, and more. For more information, see managing customer profile in Shopify.

Order History 

The order history lists all the orders associated to a given subscription plan. A new order is created(after the billing attempt is successful) based on each plan frequency defined for the subscriptions. When the billing attempt is successful, the order record is displayed under the Order History in the Subscription details page. You can also see the list of orders from the Orders module of your Shopify admin page.

When a customer makes a purchase from your store, Shopify assigns a unique Order ID to every order and Chargebee displays the following information under the Order History for each subscription:

  • Fulfilment Status: The fulfilment status helps you keep track of the order placed by the customer. Once the order is placed by the customer, the process from scheduling the order to shipping the product is known as the fulfilment status. The status can be either Fulfilled or Unfulfilled based on the order process.
  • Billing Date: Billing date is the date when a subscription starts. This is the date, when the customer's credit card will be charged automatically at the start of the next billing cycle, or when they place an order for products.

You can also drill down to the specific order details by clicking the Order ID from the Subscription details page.

Payment Methods 

The payment method details display the method used to purchase the product in a subscription plan. It includes credit or debit card details, or other payment methods that are used by customers to make a purchase from your store.
By default, the Chargebee App supports the Shopify payment gateway that provides a hassle-free checkout experience to customers for effortlessly purchasing the product from your store. If your store doesn't support Shopify payment, then enable this by setting up Shopify payment from your Shopify admin page.

You can also update the customer's payment method details anytime from the Customers page in your Shopify admin.
For more information, see managing customer's subscription payment information in Shopify .

Shipping Address 

When a customer subscribes to a plan and makes purchases from your Shopify store, an order record is created in the subscription details page along with the shipping address. A shipping address is associated with an order specific to a subscription. You can manage the shipping address for a customer from the Customer details page within the Shopify admin page.

Updating the Shipping Address

You can manage a customer's shipping address for a specific order from the Order details page in Shopify admin. Managing the shipping address allows you to add or update the shipping address for a specific customer. You can also designate a default shipping address for a customer to ensure that all the orders are shipped to the same address regardless of what addresses are added to a subscription.

A shipping address for a specific subscription can be updated via Order details page in Shopify admin.

Follow the steps below to update the shipping address of a particular subscription:

  1. In the Subscription page, select a subscription.

  2. In the Subscription Details Page, under Order History, select an order and click the respective Order ID to open the Order details page.

  3. In the Orders page of your Shopify admin, click the ellipsis icon in the right pane of the Customer details section.

  4. Click Edit shipping address.

  5. In the Edit shipping address window, click Select address and choose an existing shipping address from the dropdown.

  6. Provide the details in the given fields and click Save.

  • You cannot edit the billing address for a particular order in Shopify.
  • Updating the shipping address for an order doesn't affect the previous billing address.

Canceling a Subscription 

When an active subscription moves to the canceled state, no further renewals take place. An active subscription can be canceled at any time before or after the renewal period. Once the subscription is canceled, the next order and billing date will not be considered for that subscription.

A subscription can be canceled in the following two ways:

  • From the Chargebee App admin interface.
  • From the Self-Serve Customer Portal.

Canceling a subscription from the Chargebee App admin interface

The app allows store administrators to cancel a subscription entirely for a specific customer from the Subscription details page. Canceling a subscription affects the billing date and subsequent order dates of a subscription. Once the subscription is canceled, the next order and billing date will not be considered for that subscription.

Follow the steps below to cancel a subscription from the Chargebee App interface:

  1. Log in to Shopify account as a store owner.

  2. Under the Apps section on your Shopify admin page, click Chargebee: Subscriptions App.

  3. Click Subscriptions at the top of the app homepage.

  4. In the Subscriptions page, click a Subscription ID to open the subscription details.

  5. Click Cancel Subscription at the top-right of the subscription details page.

  6. Click Confirm.

After canceling a subscription, the subscription status changes to CANCELED state, and the next billing date will no longer display for that subscription.

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