Configuring Email Notifications 


Emails are a quick and effective mechanism to share information with your customers in an e-commerce business.

Chargebee: Subscriptions App enables you to configure email notifications sent to customers with subscription confirmation and a link to manage subscriptions from the Self-Serve Customer Portal. Chargebee sends email notifications to your customers directly after they purchase a subscription and this includes a link to the customer portal where customer can manage their subscriptions. To enable the post-purchase notifications, you must configure email notifications during app setup .

Navigate to the Notifications tab from the app home page. You can also set the default sender profile by verifying the email address and adding the sender details that appear in the customer's email.

Managing Sender Details and Email Verification 

Chargebee sends the post-purchase subscription confirmation email to your customers after checkout. With emails, it's important that your brand is communicated consistently to create a seamless experience for customers. You can provide an email address(sender) during the app setup to ensure that the post-purchase subscription confirmation will come from the same email address(sender). Chargebee will ask you to verify this email during the app setup.

Adding Sender details 

Once you add an email address (Sender) during the app set-up, the post-purchase subscription confirmation email will be sent to your customers after they finish checkout with a subscription product. You are required to include the sender's information including sender name, mailing address, signature, and an alternative reply-to address from which the email will be sent to your customers for subscription confirmation.

To add a sender's details, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store account.

  2. Select the Subscription by Chargebee app under the Apps section in the left bar of the Shopify admin page.

  3. Click the Notifications tab at the top of the app home page.

  4. Previously, If you have not added any sender's email address, click the Manage from Addresses option from the given note on the top.

  5. Click +Add Sender button under the Manage from Addresses window.

  6. In the Add New Sender Email Address popup window, specify the following details of a sender:

    • Email: The sender's email address that appears at the bottom of the subscription confirmation email.
    • Add reply-to address: Add an alternative email address for recipients to reply to(Optional).
    • Name: the sender's name(Required).
    • Signature: Add a signature text to be appended to the message when emails are sent out to the customers. You can format the signature text by using the options given at the top of the Signature field.
  7. Click Add.


Make sure to enter a valid email address(sender). The email address cannot be updated once its added to the app.

Similar to adding a single sender profile, you can add multiple senders and verify the details instantly. Once the sender identity is verified, you can choose to make a default sender to trigger the email notifications for your customers.

Verifying Sender details and email addresses 

Verify the sender's email address to send subscription confirmation email notifications to your customers. Validating the email address allows you to set a default sender for all email communication with your customers.You can add one or more sender profiles to your account and verify the sender's details to enable subscription confirmation.

To verify the sender's email address, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Notifications > Manage from Addresses.

  2. Select a specific sender and click Verify.

  3. You will receive an email to verify the email address for Subscription notifications.

  4. Click Verify Email.

Once you click Verify Email, it redirects you to the verification confirmation page. You will now be able to enable or disable the customer subscription notifications and receive subscription notifications in your email.

Setting a default Sender Profile 

Once the sender email is verified, the sender profile will be automatically set to as default sender. If you have two or more sender profiles in your account, you can set the sender profile as default by clicking on the Set as Default Sender button. Setting a default sender allows you to trigger email notifications for all the subscriptions and communications with your customers. The app allows you to set only one sender profile as a default sender for triggering the email notifications for all your customers.

To set a sender's profile as a default sender in your account, hover over a sender's profile and click the Set as Default Sender button.

Editing or Deleting a Sender Profile 

You can also manage the sender's details by editing the name and signature. To edit the sender's detail, click Notifications > Manage from Addresses and select a sender profile that you want to edit. Click the edit icon next to the sender's name to update the name, signature, and reply-to address(optional).

You can also delete an unnecessary sender profile from the app that you don't want to use to trigger future email notifications to your customers. To delete a sender's profile, click the trash icon next to the sender's name and click Confirm to delete the sender's profile from the app.

Enabling or disabling Customer Notifications 

To enable or disable the subscription confirmation email notification, click the Notifications tab from the top navigation of the app.
In the Customer Notifications section, click the toggle on or toggle off next to Subscription Confirmation.

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