Setting up Chargebee: Subscriptions App 


Set up Chargebee:Subscription App to successfully create and manage subscriptions for customers in your Shopify store. This app provides you with a step-by-step onboarding experience for quickly getting started with the subscription process for your Shopify store. It offers a three-step onboarding process for creating and configuring the features of this app. It is recommended to follow the onboarding process sequentially to set up the Subscriptions by Chargebee app.

The app home page with the three onboarding steps appears only when you install the Chargebee App in your Shopify store. For more information about installing the app , follow the prerequisites  and Shopify subscription requirements .

Steps to setup Chargebee App 

To get started with the Subscriptions by Chargebee app, complete the three-step onboarding process below:

  1. Add subscription plan

  2. Add subscription widget to your theme

  3. Configure email notifications

Step-1: Add Subscription Plan 

After installing the Chargebee App in your selected Shopify store, the next step is to start creating the subscription plans for your e-commerce store. With the Chargebee App, you can create a variety of subscription plans for the products or services available to customers in your Shopify store. By adding products to plans, you can allow customers to purchase the products on a recurring basis.

The Chargebee App supports the Pay-Per-Delivery or Save & Subscribe subscription model that makes it easy for your customers to purchase the products from your Shopify store by paying per delivery on a recurring basis. With the Pay-Per-Delivery subscription model, you can choose to create various plans with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly frequencies that deliver the products or services to your customers and they are billed per delivery.

In addition, you can leverage the Subscribe & Save subscription model by creating a subscription plan with multiple discount types.

To add subscription plans for the products or services in your Shopify store, click Add subscription plans on the app home page. After adding a subscription plan, you can manage the subscription plans  by clicking the Plans tab in this app home page.

Learn more about creating subscription plans and defining plan frequencies.

Step-2: Add Subscription Widget to your theme 

After creating a subscription plan for products or services in your Shopify store, the next step is to customize and add the subscription widget to your theme. The Chargebee App offers you the ability to customize the color of your subscription widget to match your Shopify 2.0 theme. Adding a subscription widget to your Shopify 2.0 theme enables your customers to purchase products from your Shopify store on a subscription. As you add the subscription widget to your Shopify theme, it appears on the product(s) and cart page of your Shopify store from where customers can select a particular subscription plan and make a purchase of recurring products.

Customize and add the widget to your Shopify 2.0 theme. There are three widgets you can publish on your Shopify 2.0 theme.

  1. Subscription Widget: Installs a widget to show plan options on your product pages. This allows customers to select and subscribe to plans on your store.
  2. Plan Name Widget: Shows the subscription plan name to customers within their shopping cart. This clarifies what they are signing up for before they check out.
  3. Subscription Management Link Widget: Adds a link to the subscription management portal on your customer's account overview page. This helps customers easily manage their subscriptions.

Learn more about adding subscription widget.

Step-3: Configure Email Notifications 

After your customer completes the Shopify checkout experience which includes a subscription, then Chargebee sends the customer a port-purchase Subscription confirmation email. It includes the subscription information along with the link to manage subscriptions from the Self-Serve Customer Portal.

Click Go to Notifications from the app home page or click the Notifications tab at the top of the Chargebee App home page to manage and configure the sender profiles and email notifications.

A sample subscription confirmation email is sent to a customer after subscribing to a plan in Shopify.

You must configure the email notifications during the app setup  and provide Chargebee with a verified sender email address to schedule email notifications for your customers.
Add a sender profile that contains an email address, name, reply-to, and a signature; this information will be added to the emails that are sent using this profile.

Learn more about configuring email notifications .

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