Adding Subscription Widgets 


Chargebee: Subscriptions App on Shopify is built to help you create and manage subscriptions for products in your Shopify store. The app offers quick implementation of widgets for your Shopify store theme enabling customers to purchase subscriptions from your store effortlessly. The widgets are recommended for your store to provide customers with a great subscription experience; from buying a product on subscription to enabling customers to manage their subscriptions.

Using the app, you can publish the following three widgets in your Shopify 2.0 theme:

To install and customize the widgets for your store theme, click Subscription Widget from the top header of the app home page. You can also install and customize the widgets by following the Add subscription widget to your theme step on the app home page.


The app automatically identifies Shopify 2.0 store theme when you install the widgets. Contact [email protected], if in case you have edited the theme code and you are not able to install the widgets to your store theme.

Functionalities of Widgets 

The Chargebee App offers subscription widgets that appear to your customers on the product and cart page. The widgets are recommended to install on your Shopify store theme to optimize your customer's experience and enable them to purchase the product on a subscription. You are required to install the subscription widget and publish them on your Shopify 2.0 store theme to sell products as a subscription.

Implementing Widgets 

Chargebee recommends you add all three widgets to your store to create an optimal experience for your customers. These widgets display the subscription options for your customers and enable them to manage their subscriptions. You can choose to publish and customize the following widgets to display the subscriptions options for product or cart pages:

To configure the Chargebee widgets, navigate to the Subscription Widget tab. You can also configure the widget by clicking the Add Widget during the app setup.


Write to [email protected], if you have any trouble adding widgets to your Shopify store theme.

Customize Subscription Widget 

The Chargebee App provides you with an out-of-the-box no-code customization option to manage and customize the look and feel of the subscription widget that is visible to your customers. The app gives you control over the widget's color and style variations to match your store theme and branding. Once you add a subscription plan  and associate products to it, you can preview the subscription widget component which gets embedded in the respective product pages.

To modify the color and skin property of the subscription widget which is displayed on your product page, select a color from the box next to the specific widget component. The hex code of the color is displayed in the field next to the selected color. Click Save Changes once you have added the desired color on the widget component.

You can preview your subscription widget on different device layouts by using the responsive wizard. For example, desktop and mobile (or tablet).

Install Subscription Widget 

A subscription widget is an interactive widget that is published on your storefront and enables your customers to select plans and buy subscriptions from your store. After you have customized the subscription widget, you can install it on your product pages to display the subscription plan option for your customers. This allows your customers to select a specific subscription plan from the product page when they are buying a product on a recurring basis.

To install this widget on the product page of your Shopify store theme, click Add to product page within the Subscription Widget tab.

Plan Name Widget 

The Plan Name Widget includes the plan details such as the plan name and frequency associated with it. Consider this, if your customer wants to see the plan they have chosen during the checkout, then you should install the Plan Name Widget to display the subscription information on the customer's cart page. This helps customers ensure that they have selected the desired plan before checking out.

To show the plan name on the cart page, click Add to cart page in the Subscription Widget configuration.

Add this widget to your store theme which enables your customers to manage their subscriptions and payment method effortlessly. The widget provides a direct link to the customer portal where customers can manage their subscription from the storefront account page and the subscription order confirmation email respectively.

To install the subscription management link widget to your customer's account page, click the Add to customer account page within the Subscription Widget tab.


Write to [email protected], if you have any trouble adding this to your Shopify store theme.

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