Uninstalling Chargebee: Subscriptions App 


As a store owner, if you wish to uninstall or remove the Chargebee: Subscriptions App from your Shopify store, you can delete it from the Apps section of your Shopify admin account. Deleting the Chargebee App impacts the store settings, active subscriptions, plans, subscription widgets, and customer information. Once the app is deleted, Chargebee immediately removes the subscription widgets, email notification settings data, and customer portal link from your Shopify store theme. However, Chargebee retains the subscription contract data and subscription plans information for 48 hours. You can reinstall the app within 48 hours to access the plans and subscription contract data.

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Consideration before Uninstalling the Chargebee App 


Contact [email protected] to get developer support on understanding the data deleted by Chargebee App.

During the uninstallation process, Chargebee App accesses your store information and modifies the subscription details, plans, widgets, and disables the subscription notifications. The following changes occur to your store's subscriptions, customers, and other details of the store during the uninstallation process:
Billing Information: The recurring billing stops for all active subscriptions and the subscriptions will no longer renew.

Subscription Plan: All the subscription plans created for your store products no longer display the plans on respective product pages. Chargebee retains the plan information for 48 hours. You can display the subscription plans again by installing the Chargebee App within 48 hours of uninstalling the app.

Subscription Widgets: Widgets display on product and checkout pages when a subscription plan is attached to a product. Once the app is uninstalled, all the widgets installed to your Shopify store theme no longer display on product and checkout pages and are deleted immediately.

Subscription Contracts: A subscription contract is an agreement when your customer purchases a product on a recurring basis and the subsequent order is created on your Shopify admin for renewal and fulfilment action. Removing or uninstalling the Chargebee App doesn't delete the subscription contract data from your store. You are required to cancel the existing subscription contracts manually from your Shopify admin.

Subscription Email Notifications: The subscription email notifications are automatically disabled and the notification settings data is deleted immediately after uninstalling the Chargebee App.

Customer Portal: The Customer Portal is no longer available for your customers to manage their subscriptions from the order confirmation page and product pages after uninstalling or removing the Chargebee App.

Reinstalling the Chargebee App 

When you uninstall the Chargebee: Subscriptions App, all the plans, widgets, and email notifications settings associated with your Shopify store are disabled and removed automatically. However, Chargebee App retains the subscription plan information, subscription contracts, and recurring billing information for 48 hours after uninstalling the app. This means that you may still be able to restore the store changes by reinstalling the Chargebee App within 48 hours of uninstalling the app. If you reinstall the Chargebee App after 48 hours, you will lose the subscription data pertaining to your customer and subscriptions which Chargebee doesn't store in the database.

If you want to reinstall the app, the following table may help you understand the data retained by Chargebee.

Store details and Subscription entities Reinstalling within 48 hours Reinstalling after 48 hours
Subscription Plans Plans are visible on the product page Plans are deleted from Chargebee and cannot be restored.
Subscription Widgets All the widgets are removed immediately from the store theme. All the widgets are removed immediately from the store theme.
Subscription Contracts (Plan and billing information) Subscription contracts such as billing frequency option and plans are visible in the app but no further order and billing is generated for customers. Subscriptions contracts are removed permanently and cannot be restored.
Customer Portal Customer Portal is no longer displayed to customers on storefront account and order confirmation page. Customer Portal is no longer displayed to customers on storefront account and order confirmation page.
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