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Attaching Additional Data: An Overview 

In case you you need to store information related to your subscriptions and customers that you cannot store using the default Chargebee interface and hosted pages, you can do so using the Custom Fields and Meta Data features.

Custom Fields 

With the Custom Fields option, you can create additional fields at the Customer and Subscription levels. You can add the required information via the web interface. You can also include these fields in the hosted pages and collect the required information from your customers. More on Custom Fields here.

Meta Data 

With Meta Data, you can store all the essential information right within Chargebee. You can directly push data in JSON format, adding more context to Subscriptions, Customers, Plans, and more, to suit your business needs.

For example, when your marketing team needs data on whether a customer opted in for marketing promotions, if they're part of a marketing campaign, etc., you can use Meta Data to access it from within the same app, rather than flitting between the CRM and spreadsheets. More on the Meta Data feature here.

To know how custom fields and metadata are different, head here.

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