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Attaching Additional Data: An Overview 

Chargebee is equipped to capture and store any customer related information that might be relevant to your business via the web interface and hosted pages (everything from your customer's email address to his billing and shipping information).

In case you need to capture additional information, you can use the Custom Fields and the Meta-data features to add additional fields to the customer portal and checkout pages in the web interface, hosted pages and the customer portal.

Custom Fields 

With the Custom Fields feature, you can create additional fields at the Customer, Subscription, Plan and Addon levels. The customer and subscription custom fields will appear on the web interface and the hosted pages. It will allow you to collect and store any additional customer-related information you might need. The plan and addon custom fields will appear on the web interface alone. It will allow you to capture any information you think might be relevant to the plan/addon going forward. More on Custom Fields here.

Meta Data 

With the Meta-data option, you can append your Subscriptions, Customers, Plans, Addons and Coupons with additional information that you might need to use internally (from features of a plan, information about a customer or marketing reports). Any additional information you append will be stored within Chargebee and can be used to give you context when you need it at a later time.

Here is an example of how you can use meta-data to your advantage: Imagine your marketing team wants to contact all the customers who have opted to receive marketing promotions. If you have appended each customer who has opted to receive promotions with meta-information, for example, your marketing team will be able to pull up a list of customers within the app itself, saving hours of CRM and spreadsheet work. More on Meta-data here. More on Meta Data here.

To know how custom fields and metadata are different, head here.

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