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Credit Repair Cloud 

Credit Repair Cloud (CRC)  is a cloud based service for your credit repair business.

For businesses that use CRC, Chargebee's integration with CRC makes it easy to setup an automated recurring billing for your clients within your CRC account.

Setting Up Chargebee's Integration for Credit Repair Cloud 

There are three steps for connecting Chargebee with CRC for your recurring billing needs:

  1. Signing Up for a Chargebee Account

  2. Verifying and Activating Chargebee Account

  3. Configuring Chargebee's API Key in Your CRC Account

1. Signing Up for a Chargebee Account 

a) Sign up for your Chargebee account here .

b) After you've successfully signed up with us, you will need to complete the account setup (we will send a link for the same to your email, as shown below).

2. Verifying and Activating Chargebee Account 

Once you click ‘Complete Account Setup' you will be redirected to a page where you need to follow a few steps to link your Chargebee account with your Credit Repair Cloud account:

a) Verify your email address. You need to click the verification link sent to the email you used to sign up with Chargebee:

b) Activate your Live Account:

c) To use your Credit Repair Cloud account along with your Chargebee account, you'll have to activate the latter to accept recurring payments from your clients. Once you click ‘Activate Live Account', the Live Site Activation page will be displayed, where you need to provide your card details:

d) After you click Activate My Account, your live account will be enabled. You can now link it to your Credit Repair Cloud Account.

3. Configuring Chargebee's API Key in Your CRC Account 

You need to login into your Credit Repair Cloud account and configure the Chargebee live domain and API key:

a) Go to My Company > Chargebee Settings. Configure as instructed here .

b) After you paste Chargebee's domain and API Key in your Credit Repair Cloud account, click Verify Configuration & Complete Setup. This will verify whether your integration between Chargebee and Credit Repair Cloud is set up for use.

c) To start collecting recurring payments from your customer, you need to have an active payment gateway account. If you already have one, you can start configuring it under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateways. If you need a payment gateway, click Get a New Gateway Account to fill the form. You will then be contacted by a representative to help you get a payment gateway.

Once you have integrated with CRC from Chargebee and set up a payment gateway, you can start using your account to manage recurring billing.

If you require assistance with setting up this integration, please write to [email protected] .


You can also follow the steps provided in your CRC account under My Company > Chargebee Integration to setup Chargebee with CRC. Contact CRC Support  for assistance.


Why do I need a payment gateway & Merchant account?

A Payment gateway and a merchant account are required to charge your customers online. Learn more about a payment gateway and a merchant account.

Where do I get a merchant account?

Most credit repair businesses are considered "high risk" for processing credit cards. Credit Repair Cloud recommends GreenPay for a merchant account. Here's the sign-up form. 

How do I configure a payment gateway in Chargebee?

Once you have a payment gateway account, you can configure it in Chargebee. Follow the instructions here to setup your gateway.

All my new subscriptions are showing up as trial subscriptions in Chargebee, but they should be active. Why is this happening?

After you charge a work fee for your clients, a renewal happens at the end of the first month. Only then would the subscription move to an Active state. Until then, the new subscriptions would be marked as In Trial. The subscription would automatically move to Active state after the first month.

Can I use Chargebee's hosted pages to sign up my customers?

No. To sign up customers, you will have to use the Web Form which is available in your CRC account under My Company > Website Tools > Web Lead Form.

While configuring my Authorize.Net account, I keep getting a "Access denied. You do not have permission to call the Transaction Details API to live" error. What should I do?

This error is related to your gateway settings in Authorize.Net. You will have to enable the corresponding settings in your Authorize.Net account. Follow the steps here.

Can I set up plans in Chargebee?

No. Plans will have to be setup in your CRC account. Follow the instructions in your CRC account to set up plans.

I charged the initial work fee for my customer and the transaction failed. Will Chargebee retry this payment?

No. Chargebee retries only subscription renewals and not the work fee. You will have to manually retry charging the work fee.

My customer's subscription is in a canceled state though they have not canceled it. Why? 

Subscriptions go into a canceled state when the first time renewal of the subscription fails due to reasons such as "Insufficient funds on card", "Card Information not present", and so on.

To understand the reason behind the cancellation, in your Chargebee site, open the particular subscription and navigate to the Events tab. You will be able to find the reason for cancellation there. If this doesn't work, reach out to [email protected]  with the subscription id, we will be able to trace out the exact reason behind the subscription's cancellation.

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