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Checkout & Portal v2 


Customers who signed up before Feb 2018 will be on Hosted Pages v2.
Customers signing up after Feb 2018 will be using Checkout & Portal v3.
Contact  to upgrade from Hosted Pages & Portal v2 to Checkout & Portal v3.

Chargebee's Hosted Pages provide your customers with a seamless checkout experience. You can customize the themes as per your company's brand and setup custom fields as required. Since the pages are hosted on Chargebee's servers, the security and PCI compliance requirements is not an overhead on your side. Chargebee's hosted pages are compatible on desktop and mobile and come with ready integration with Google Analytics and Typekit.

Customer Portal
Chargebee provides a Customer Portal for your end users to sign in and manage their subscription. You can customize the look and feel and the actions allowed in the Portal.

You can customize the elements of your Hosted Pages and Customer Portal, show/hide fields, customize the behavior (such as mandatory/optional), edit the messages/error text etc.

You can use the Hosted Pages directly or integrate Chargebee's Hosted Pages in your app via API.

You can customize the themes of the Hosted Pages, that define the look and feel of the page in alignment with your branding requirements.

Conversion Tracking Pixel
Track the conversions on Chargebee's Thank You page using the conversion tracking pixel code.

Custom Domain
You can white-label the hosted page URLs by setting a custom domain name.

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