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Migrating Subscriptions from a Different Billing Platform with Cards on Stripe 

This document provides the steps to migrate to Chargebee if:

  • you're currently using Stripe as your payment gateway and cards are with Stripe
  • you're managing your subscriptions using another billing platform
  • you want to continue using Stripe as your payment gateway after migrating your subscriptions to Chargebee

What data can be migrated? 

Subscription data from your existing system can be imported into your Chargebee site. Subscriptions will be imported along with the current subscription status (trial, active, canceled, etc.).


Historical data such as past invoices and transactions cannot be imported at this time.

What about the cards on Stripe? 

Since you're going to continue using Stripe as your payment gateway, the cards stored in Stripe's vault will continue to remain there along with the Customer details. Once we import the Subscriptions into Chargebee, we will map them to the Customer information present in Stripe.


For card mapping, we'll need a unique identifier that connects the Subscriptions/Customers in your existing system to the Cards in Stripe. In the case of Stripe, the identifier is a combination of Stripe Customer ID and Stripe Card ID separated by forward slash (e.g. cus_63MnDn0t6kfDW7/card_6WjCF20vT9WN1G).


  1. An export of your Subscription data from your existing billing platform. Chargebee imports data using a CSV file in a predefined format. To download a sample CSV file, in your Chargebee site, go to Settings > Import & Export Data > Choose a Bulk Operation > Import Subscriptions > Download Sample CSV file.

  2. Enable your Chargebee live site and connect it with your Stripe account.

  3. Create all the necessary Plans, Addons, and Coupons in your Chargebee test and live sites. The ids (plan id, coupon id, and addon id) mentioned in the CSV (that will be used for the subscription import) should exactly match the ids (plan id, coupon id, and addon id) in your Chargebee test and live sites. You can learn more about setting up your web interface here.

  4. Once you've made all the required configurations in Chargebee, test your sign up flow to ensure you have everything covered.

  5. Before the migration commences, you should start getting all new sign ups through Chargebee. This is to ensure that there are no new additions to the subscriptions that need to be migrated and also to ensure your sign up flow is well-tested.

How does it work? 

Here's a summary of the process:

  1. Once we receive your migration request, our support team will send a subscription data sheet (this is the sheet mentioned above in #1 under prerequisites).

  2. We will also send a migration checklist with instructions on getting your Chargebee account setup for the migration.

  3. After you have added all your subscription data to the sheet and you have ticked everything off of the checklist, we will attempt importing the subscription data to your Test site for you to review. If there are issues with the data, you should fix them before we can proceed and we will send you instructions on how to do it.

  4. The data imported into your Test site will contain slightly modified email addresses to ensure that your Customers do not accidentally get an email during the import. We will also map the card details, so you will be able to see the last 4 digits, card type and expiration date in Chargebee to help you with the verification.

  5. Once you have reviewed the data and given us the go-ahead, the Subscriptions will then be imported into your Live site and we will also map them to the card details in Stripe.

Is there a chance of double billing? 

The migration process ensures that there will be no double billing.

However, you will need to stop taking new sign ups through your existing billing platform. This task will be a part of the migration checklist that we will share with you; we cannot proceed with the migration unless this is done.

As an additional precaution, if there are any subscriptions that have been scheduled to renew on the day of migration, the renewal will be postponed by a few days (usually 2 or 3 days, based on your preference). This gives you sufficient time to review all the data in the live site and make changes if needed before renewals start happening in Chargebee. Say, if the migration is scheduled for the 1st of June and a few subscriptions are also scheduled to renew on that date, and you'd like the renewals to be postponed by 2 days, then the renewal will happen on the 3rd of June.

Migration Checklist Explained 

After we receive the migration request, we will share a migration checklist. This checklist is a set of tasks that need to be completed before the migration can happen. This is to ensure that everything is set up for the migration to be completed without any issues or delays.

Most tasks are quite straightforward; however, we have explained some of them here:

  1. Configure your Stripe gateway account in your Chargebee live site.

Your Stripe account should be connected for us to be able to access the Customer details in Stripe and map the cards in Chargebee.

  1. Invite a Chargebee user (Settings > Team Members > Invite Members) to your Chargebee LIVE site as an Admin.

We need access to verify the data during the migration. After the migration is complete, you can revoke access.

  1. Invite a Chargebee user with read-only access to your Stripe LIVE account.

Needed to map the cards in Stripe with the Customers in Chargebee. We need access to your Stripe account so that we can verify the data during the migration. After the migration is complete, you can revoke access.

  1. Filled the migration sheet with your subscription data that needs to be imported into Chargebee?

You should fill all your Subscription details including the Stripe Customer Id (in the column "Stripe Customer Id") so we can use that to map the cards. The plans, addons, and coupons for each subscription should be specified using their Chargebee Ids.

In Chargebee, you will find the ids in the Product Catalog section as shown below:

  1. Chargebee will not send any email notifications to customers that are being imported during the migration process. Is that okay?

During the migration, we do not trigger any email notifications by default. If you need your customers to receive an email when their subscriptions are created, you can specify that and we will send the email notification.

  1. Should Chargebee disable webhooks for events that are triggered for subscriptions during the import process?

Generally, if you are integrating with Chargebee via the API and you have also configured your webhook URL, events generated in Chargebee will be notified via the webhook URL. During data migration, if you have configured a webhook URL in Chargebee, we will notify your system of the events that are generated. If you do not want your system to be notified of these events, you can specify your preference accordingly. If you are not an API user, you can specify "NA".

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